Top 100 Sources of Energy

Food Group(s):       

The following quantities (column two below) indicate how much Energy is found in 100 grams (about 3 1/2 ounces) of the following food items:
    FDC IDcatDescrdata_type
select7,500KCALCHILLI POWDER598934-- all --branded_food
select2,857KCALPOWDER SPICE PACKETS408264-- all --branded_food
select2,571KCALLA FE, BREAD MIX402548-- all --branded_food
select2,500KCALGARLIC & PEPPER SEASONING, PREMIUM 100% PURE SPICES, GARLIC & PEPPER604237-- all --branded_food
select2,367KCALORGANIC ROASTED & SALTED CASHEWS513363-- all --branded_food
select2,157KCALCHOCOLATE CHIP SHORTBREAD559123-- all --branded_food
select2,112KCALCZEKOLADA BAKALIOWA596488-- all --branded_food
select1,782KCALLIQUEUR, COGNAC, PUNSCH, CHERRY, RUM600604-- all --branded_food
select1,766KCALROSE AND VIOLET FONDANT CREAMS583224-- all --branded_food
select1,698KCALSCHOKOKUCHEN CHOCOLATE CAKE583061-- all --branded_food
select1,667KCALEDIBLE DECOR PUMPKINS515952-- all --branded_food
select1,667KCALEDIBLE DECOR CANDY CANES515819-- all --branded_food
select1,667KCALCOOKING SPRAY OIL472822-- all --branded_food
select1,600KCALVIEWER EGG WITH JELLY BEANS & STICKERS422883-- all --branded_food
select1,600KCALVIEWER EGG WITH JELLY BEANS & STICKERS422886-- all --branded_food
select1,540KCALCOCONUT571179-- all --branded_food
select1,500KCALDRIED CHILI DE ARBOL PEPPERS593957-- all --branded_food
select1,497KCALFINE SEMOLINA554484-- all --branded_food
select1,364KCALFRUITS BUBBLE GUM599701-- all --branded_food
select1,333KCALAMORE, OREGANO, SPRITZERS443127-- all --branded_food
select1,300KCALDULCES TIPICOS, HOT CANDY SPOON, TAMARIND430252-- all --branded_food
select1,300KCALSOFT CANDY WATERMELON & TAMARIND FLAVOR582338-- all --branded_food
select1,300KCALTAMARIND FLAVOR CANDY590449-- all --branded_food
select1,258KCALTURKISH ORGANIC SUN DRIED FIGS359103-- all --branded_food
select1,238KCALHONEY578074-- all --branded_food
select1,179KCALCHEDDAR PIMENTO CHEESE509393-- all --branded_food
select1,125KCALAPPLEWOOD SMOKED BACON537766-- all --branded_food
select1,125KCALHARDWOOD SMOKED BACON440021-- all --branded_food
select1,113KCAL100% PURE SESAME OIL495777-- all --branded_food
select1,113KCALPURE SESAME OIL496393-- all --branded_food
select1,107KCALPRALINE PECAN HALVES428103-- all --branded_food
select1,107KCALPRALINE PECANS467460-- all --branded_food
select1,091KCALSALTED PISTACHIOS, SALTED554611-- all --branded_food
select1,071KCALSTARLIGHT MINTS472472-- all --branded_food
select1,036KCALHONEY PEANUTS422429-- all --branded_food
select1,000KCALVEGAN NON-AEROSOL SPRAY OIL493632-- all --branded_food
select1,000KCALCANOLA & OLIVE SPRAY OIL493631-- all --branded_food
select1,000KCALCULINARY ALGAE OIL537275-- all --branded_food
select1,000KCALCOCONUT OIL446916-- all --branded_food
select1,000KCALROASTED PISTACHIO SPRAY OIL501554-- all --branded_food
select1,000KCALTHAI WOK SPRAY OIL446898-- all --branded_food
select1,000KCALTOFFE, TOFFEE KRUNCH416951-- all --branded_food
select1,000KCALTHS SUPER TEA, ORGANIC WHITE TEA402382-- all --branded_food
select1,000KCALLA TOURANGELLE, AVOCADO SPRAY OIL446903-- all --branded_food
select1,000KCALMUSTARD POWDER365788-- all --branded_food
select1,000KCALLA TOURANGELLE, ROASTED WALNUT SPRAY OIL497856-- all --branded_food
select1,000KCALEXTRA VIRGIN ORGANIC OLIVE OIL SPRAY532302-- all --branded_food
select1,000KCALLA TOURANGELLE, ROASTED WALNUT SPRAY OIL446894-- all --branded_food
select1,000KCALSESAME GINGER SPICE518310-- all --branded_food
select1,000KCALOLIVE OIL496757-- all --branded_food
select1,000KCALSWEET POTATO WALNUTS504359-- all --branded_food
select964KCALITALIAN BLACK TRUFFLE ALMONDS416762-- all --branded_food
select958KCALMILK CHOCOLATE518705-- all --branded_food
select950KCALGRANOLA445969-- all --branded_food
select940KCALNUTTY HOLIDAY BAR545660-- all --branded_food
select936KCALROASTED PECANS419192-- all --branded_food
select933KCAL100% GRAPE SEED OIL551500-- all --branded_food
select933KCALEXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL WITH CHILI & GARLIC587257-- all --branded_food
select933KCALCALIFORNIA EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL565902-- all --branded_food
select929KCALCOCONUT OIL443967-- all --branded_food
select929KCALCOCONUT OIL443961-- all --branded_food
select929KCALPURE CREAMY LIQUID SHORTENING574391-- all --branded_food
select929KCALCHUNG JUNG ONE, PREMIUM SESAME OIL404748-- all --branded_food
select929KCALDRAGONFLY, BLACK SESAME OIL404733-- all --branded_food
select929KCALVIRGIN COCONUT OIL403397-- all --branded_food
select929KCALBLENDED SESAME OIL403272-- all --branded_food
select929KCALORGANIC VIRGIN | UNREFINED COCONUT OIL387033-- all --branded_food
select929KCALALL PURPOSE VEGETABLE OIL551805-- all --branded_food
select929KCAL100% PURE AVOCADO OIL550114-- all --branded_food
select929KCALCOCONUT OIL543441-- all --branded_food
select929KCALORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL382072-- all --branded_food
select929KCALBERKSHIRE PORK LARD TIME HONORED COOKING OIL541693-- all --branded_food
select929KCALTIME HONORED COOKING OIL541688-- all --branded_food
select929KCALDUCK FAT541686-- all --branded_food
select929KCALORGANIC UNREFINED VIRGIN COCONUT OIL386772-- all --branded_food
select929KCALORGANIC REFINED COCONUT OIL492239-- all --branded_food
select929KCALPURE SESAME OIL530764-- all --branded_food
select929KCALROLAND, PURE AVOCADO OIL499595-- all --branded_food
select929KCALSHORTENING ORGANIC SUPERFOOD383638-- all --branded_food
select929KCAL100% PURE AVOCADO OIL446881-- all --branded_food
select929KCALORGANIC COCONUT OIL513990-- all --branded_food
select929KCAL100% PURE CANOLA OIL551854-- all --branded_food
select929KCALRED CHILI HOT OIL381464-- all --branded_food
select929KCALJAPANESE SESAME OIL367527-- all --branded_food
select929KCALPURE HEAVY DUTY FRYING SHORTENING443304-- all --branded_food
select929KCALCANOLA CLEAR LIQUID SHORTENING443293-- all --branded_food
select929KCALPURE CREAMY LIQUID SHORTENING443290-- all --branded_food
select929KCALPURE CLEAR FRYING OIL, SOYBEAN OIL443288-- all --branded_food
select929KCALPURE SOYBEAN OIL443285-- all --branded_food
select929KCALDUCK FAT PREMIUM COOKING OIL564428-- all --branded_food
select929KCALREFINED COCONUT OIL439329-- all --branded_food
select929KCALPURE SESAME OIL391960-- all --branded_food
select929KCAL100% PURE CORN OIL444213-- all --branded_food
select929KCAL100% PURE CANOLA OIL444210-- all --branded_food
select929KCAL100% PURE VEGETABLE OIL444208-- all --branded_food
select929KCALPURE CANOLA OIL443310-- all --branded_food
select929KCALKADOYA, PURE SESAME OIL439465-- all --branded_food
select929KCALMEIJER, 100% PURE VEGETABLE OIL412828-- all --branded_food
select929KCAL100% VIRGIN COCONUT OIL391955-- all --branded_food