Top 100 Sources of Sorbitol

Food Group(s):       

The following quantities (column two below) indicate how much Sorbitol is found in 100 grams (about 3 1/2 ounces) of the following food items:
    FDC IDcatDescrdata_type
select30GWAFERS426710-- all --branded_food
select27GVOORTMAN, WAFERS, COOKIES'N CREME381590-- all --branded_food
select26GPEANUT BUTTER WAFERS593797-- all --branded_food
select23GPEANUT BUTTER WAFERS364048-- all --branded_food
select23GVOORTMAN, WAFERS, ORANGE CREMES426713-- all --branded_food
select22GWAFER COOKIES389939-- all --branded_food
select21GWAFERS416568-- all --branded_food
select19GWAFER COOKIES389935-- all --branded_food
select19GCOCONUT CREME WAFERS360950-- all --branded_food
select10GSUGAR FREE IMITATION HONEY358133-- all --branded_food
select9GSPAANS, NUT COOKIES358818-- all --branded_food
select7GSPAANS, SUGAR FREE COOKIES, PEPPERMINT432619-- all --branded_food
select7GSPAANS, SUGAR FREE SPICED WINDMILL COOKIES356610-- all --branded_food
select6GMONSTER SUGAR FREE SLUSHED POPS551751-- all --branded_food
select3GKEY FOOD, SWEETENED SNOWFLAKE COOCNUT371586-- all --branded_food
select2GCHEWS CANDIES477038-- all --branded_food
select2GCRAB FLAVORED SURIMI SEAFOOD FLAKE533755-- all --branded_food
select0GHAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY ! 3-DEES FRUIT SNACKS474771-- all --branded_food
select0GATKINS, DAY BREAK SHAKE, STRAWBERRY, BANANA494606-- all --branded_food
select0GGUMMI BEARS542917-- all --branded_food
select0G3-DEES FRUIT SNACKS474770-- all --branded_food
select0GJOHNVINCE FOODS, APPLE RINGS GUMMI369813-- all --branded_food
select0GJOHNVINCE FOODS, GUMMI PEACH RINGS423431-- all --branded_food
select0GJOHNVINCE FOODS, GUMMI BEARS401537-- all --branded_food
select0GJINJU, KOREAN FISH SAUSAGE STICK408972-- all --branded_food