Top 100 Sources of Fatty acids, total trans

Food Group(s):       

The following quantities (column two below) indicate how much Fatty acids, total trans is found in 100 grams (about 3 1/2 ounces) of the following food items:
    FDC IDcatDescrdata_type
select53.57GSLICED ALMONDS516050-- all --branded_food
select48.75GTHE ORIGINAL COCONUT PEANUT BUTTER530958-- all --branded_food
select46.34GHsyAlm 1.45oz345963-- all --branded_food
select46.15GVEGETABLE SHORTENING551819-- all --branded_food
select44.25GBRAN MUFFINS531851-- all --branded_food
select42.851GShortening, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated ) for baking and confections173607Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select39.29GDARK CHOCOLATE ALMONDS516061-- all --branded_food
select35.71GPURE HEAVY DUTY FRYING SHORTENING443304-- all --branded_food
select34.162GOil, industrial, soy ( partially hydrogenated), all purpose172362Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select31.228GOil, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated ), palm, principal uses icings and fillings173604Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select30.809GOil, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated) and cottonseed, principal use as a tortilla shortening172364Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select27.017GOil, industrial, canola (partially hydrogenated) oil for deep fat frying172360Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select26.92GALL PURPOSE VEGETABLE SHORTENING551862-- all --branded_food
select25GYOGURT RAISINS516063-- all --branded_food
select25GCHOCOLATE BEAR CRUNCH POPCORN480756-- all --branded_food
select25GUNSALTED MARGARINE SPREAD588873-- all --branded_food
select25GLo Melt Grill Shortening, 6 LB347028-- all --branded_food
select24.747GMargarine, industrial, non-dairy, cottonseed, soy oil (partially hydrogenated ), for flaky pastries173605Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select21.43GVEGETABLE MARGARINE477221-- all --branded_food
select21.43GCOUNTRY BRAND380149-- all --branded_food
select21.43GSMOOTH BLUE COW MILK CHEESE594903-- all --branded_food
select21.43GMARGARINE475800-- all --branded_food
select21.43GMOTHER'S, MARGARINE378197-- all --branded_food
select20.578GMargarine, industrial, soy and partially hydrogenated soy oil, use for baking, sauces and candy172369Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select20GSTIR-FRY OIL472405-- all --branded_food
select20GPEPERONCINI566058-- all --branded_food
select19.23GALL-VEGETABLE SHORTENING441090-- all --branded_food
select19.23GVEGETABLE SHORTENING383639-- all --branded_food
select19.23GVEGETABLE SHORTENING555947-- all --branded_food
select19.068GMargarine-like shortening, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated), cottonseed, and soy, principal use flaky pastries173599Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select17.86GUNSALTED MARGARINE388721-- all --branded_food
select17.86GFRITOS SCOOPS REGULAR 5.5Z353921-- all --branded_food
select17.86GMEIJER, MARGARINE, CORN OIL374703-- all --branded_food
select17.86GKEY FOOD, MARGARINE369474-- all --branded_food
select17.86GSHOESTRING POTATOES482068-- all --branded_food
select17.86GHARRIS TEETER, MARGARINE368191-- all --branded_food
select17.86GSHOPRITE, VEGETABLE OIL MARGARINE369384-- all --branded_food
select17.86GADMIRATON, MARGARINE408166-- all --branded_food
select17.86GMARGARINE384539-- all --branded_food
select15GSWEET POPPING CORN541382-- all --branded_food
select15GBISCUIT GRAVY MIX382309-- all --branded_food
select14.95GMargarine-like, margarine-butter blend, soybean oil and butter172339Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select14.89GMargarine, regular, 80% fat, composite, stick, with salt172346Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select14.89GMargarine, regular, 80% fat, composite, stick, with salt, with added vitamin D171435Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select14.89GMargarine, regular, 80% fat, composite, stick, without salt173585Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select14.89GMargarine, 80% fat, stick, includes regular and hydrogenated corn and soybean oils173587Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select14.786GMargarine, margarine-type vegetable oil spread, 70% fat, soybean and partially hydrogenated soybean, stick173588Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select14.64GPOPZ, MICROWAVE POPCORN417842-- all --branded_food
select14.64GPOPZ, MICROWAVE POPCORN, BUTTER428393-- all --branded_food
select14.29GBLEU CHEESE STUFFED OLIVES589747-- all --branded_food
select14.29GSPREAD QUARTERS441743-- all --branded_food
select14.29GBUTTERY POPCORN TOPPING403005-- all --branded_food
select14.29GSPREAD369364-- all --branded_food
select14.29G52% VEGETABLE OIL SPREAD524726-- all --branded_food
select14.29GPIE CRUST392452-- all --branded_food
select14.29G52% VEGETABLE OIL SPREAD447280-- all --branded_food
select14.29GGRAHAM CRACKER PIE CRUST380417-- all --branded_food
select14GHARMONS, RAW SUNFLOWER KERNELS425615-- all --branded_food
select13.95GPOPZ, MICROWAVE POPCORN430240-- all --branded_food
select13.79GVALU TIME, ASSORTED CREME WAFERS417627-- all --branded_food
select13.784GShortening, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated ) and corn for frying173606Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select13.64GCOUNTRY STYLE PEPPERED GRAVY MIX565055-- all --branded_food
select13.64GPEPPERED GRAVY MIX367652-- all --branded_food
select13.64GPEPPERED GRAVY MIX500547-- all --branded_food
select13.64GCOUNTRY GRAVY MIX378846-- all --branded_food
select13.555GOil, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated), principal uses popcorn and flavoring vegetables173596Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select13.164GShortening, vegetable, household, composite173584Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select12.927GOil, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated), multiuse for non-dairy butter flavor172361Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select12.82GMICROWAVE POPCORN391865-- all --branded_food
select12.731GMargarine-like, vegetable oil spread, 60% fat, stick, with salt172348Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select12.731GMargarine-like, vegetable oil spread, 60% fat, stick, with salt, with added vitamin D171437Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select12.574GShortening, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated), pourable liquid fry shortening173597Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select12.5GPOTATO CHIPS409652-- all --branded_food
select12.5GPOTATO CHIPS409650-- all --branded_food
select12.5GPEANUT BRITTLE513910-- all --branded_food
select12.5GDOWNEY'S POTATO CHIPS409653-- all --branded_food
select12.5GPOTATO CHIPS409651-- all --branded_food
select12.5GDOWNEY'S POTATO CHIPS409649-- all --branded_food
select12.07GSUGAR WAFERS493081-- all --branded_food
select12.07GTOPS, SUGAR WAFERS433470-- all --branded_food
select12.07GVALU TIME, ASSORTED CREME WAFERS417626-- all --branded_food
select12.07GTOPS, SUGAR WAFERS, VANILLA416626-- all --branded_food
select12.07GSIGNATURE KITCHENS, WAFERS, ASSORTED CREME504173-- all --branded_food
select12.07GSIGNATURE KITCHENS, WAFERS, VANILLA CREME504039-- all --branded_food
select12.07GCREME WAFERS472947-- all --branded_food
select12.07GFOOD CLUB, SUGAR WAFERS364749-- all --branded_food
select11.67GCHEESE CORN479432-- all --branded_food
select11.54GCHEESE CRACKERS WITH CHEDDAR CHEESE, CHEDDAR CHEESE603739-- all --branded_food
select11.25GMOMENTUM BRANDS, SPOOKY CHOCOLATEY TREATS431468-- all --branded_food
select11.11GALBERTS CANDY, R.I.P CHOCOLATEY ROSES427034-- all --branded_food
select11.11GROUNDY'S, COUNTRY GRAVY MIX365417-- all --branded_food
select10.98GPOPZ, MICROWAVE POPCORN434531-- all --branded_food
select10.755GOil, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated ) and soy (winterized), pourable clear fry172363Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select10.71G53% VEGETABLE OIL SPREAD539694-- all --branded_food
select10.71G65% VEGETABLE OIL SPREAD540130-- all --branded_food
select10.71GSOFT MARGARINE360101-- all --branded_food
select10.71GSOFT MARGARINE360100-- all --branded_food