Top 100 Sources of Fatty acids, total saturated

Food Group(s):       

The following quantities (column two below) indicate how much Fatty acids, total saturated is found in 100 grams (about 3 1/2 ounces) of the following food items:
    FDC IDcatDescrdata_type
select100GMCT PREMIUM C8 & C10 100% PURE OIL600544-- all --branded_food
select100GCOCONUT OIL446916-- all --branded_food
select100G100% PURE GRAPESEED OIL555047-- all --branded_food
select100GEZ THUN DIPPING AID471458-- all --branded_food
select96.97GBLAST O BUTTER407028-- all --branded_food
select95.6GFish oil, menhaden, fully hydrogenated172342Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select93.966GOil, industrial, soy, fully hydrogenated171440Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select93.701GOil, industrial, palm kernel (hydrogenated), confection fat, uses similar to 95 degree hard butter173601Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select93.608GOil, industrial, cottonseed, fully hydrogenated171441Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select93.536GOil, industrial, coconut (hydrogenated), used for whipped toppings and coffee whiteners172367Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select93.33GORGANIC VIRGIN COCONUT OIL561020-- all --branded_food
select93.33GCOCONUT OIL454002-- all --branded_food
select93.33GLEMON COCONUT OIL454001-- all --branded_food
select93.33GORGANIC VIRGIN COCONUT OIL582921-- all --branded_food
select93.33GCENTRIFUGE EXTRACTED COCONUT OIL592926-- all --branded_food
select93.33GCENTRIFUGE EXTRACTED COCONUT OIL592935-- all --branded_food
select93.33GCENTRIFUGE EXTRACTED COCONUT OIL592943-- all --branded_food
select93.33GORGANIC LIQUID COCONUT OIL557062-- all --branded_food
select93.33GORGANIC COCONUT OIL564478-- all --branded_food
select93.33GORGANIC LIQUID COCONUT OIL556302-- all --branded_food
select92.86GORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL528851-- all --branded_food
select92.86GUNREFINED EXPELLER PRESSED VIRGIN COCONUT OIL585493-- all --branded_food
select92.86GCOCONUT OIL BAKING STICKS375878-- all --branded_food
select92.86GCOCONUT OIL UNREFINED445045-- all --branded_food
select92.86GORGANIC COCONUT OIL512980-- all --branded_food
select92.86GVIRGIN & UNREFINED COCONUT OIL386774-- all --branded_food
select92.86GSIMPLE TRUTH ORGANIC, VIRGIN COCONUT OIL395258-- all --branded_food
select92.86GWEGMANS ORGANIC, EXTRA VIRGIN UNREFINED COCONUT OIL443178-- all --branded_food
select92.86GWEGMANS, REFINED COCONUT OIL443177-- all --branded_food
select92.86GKELAPO, EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL446968-- all --branded_food
select92.86GSIMPLY ROUNDY'S, COCONUT OIL365199-- all --branded_food
select92.86GLIQUID COCONUT OIL392602-- all --branded_food
select92.86GORGANIC REFINED COCONUT OIL599666-- all --branded_food
select92.86GORGANIC COCONUT OIL495449-- all --branded_food
select92.86GORGANIC VIRGIN COCONUT OIL547601-- all --branded_food
select92.86GORGANIC VIRGIN COCONUT OIL371591-- all --branded_food
select92.86GORGANIC VIRGIN COCONUT OIL371593-- all --branded_food
select92.86GORGANIC VIRGIN COCONUT OIL371592-- all --branded_food
select92.86GORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL382072-- all --branded_food
select92.86GVIRGIN COCONUT OIL486053-- all --branded_food
select92.86GREFINED COCONUT OIL566250-- all --branded_food
select92.86GREFINED COCONUT OIL486052-- all --branded_food
select92.86GORGANIC VIRGIN COCONUT OIL583253-- all --branded_food
select92.86G100% PURE VIRGIN COCONUT OIL593539-- all --branded_food
select92.86GORGANIC VIRGIN COCONUT OIL512704-- all --branded_food
select92.86GEXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL446466-- all --branded_food
select92.86GORGANIC VIRGIN COCONUT OIL498274-- all --branded_food
select92.86GCOCONUT OIL446952-- all --branded_food
select92.86GOMAGGIO, ORGANIC REFINED COCONUT OIL505655-- all --branded_food
select92.86GUNREFINED VIRGIN COCONUT OIL557005-- all --branded_food
select92.86GVIRGIN COCONUT OIL446896-- all --branded_food
select92.86GSIMPLE TRUTH, ORGANIC COCONUT OIL391719-- all --branded_food
select92.86GHARVEST BAY, ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL501658-- all --branded_food
select92.86GCOCONUT OIL443967-- all --branded_food
select92.86GCOCONUT OIL443961-- all --branded_food
select92.86GVIRGIN COCONUT OIL383729-- all --branded_food
select92.86GREFINED COCONUT OIL357425-- all --branded_food
select92.86G100% PURE REFINED COCONUT OIL560658-- all --branded_food
select92.86GUNREFINED ORGANIC VIRGIN COCONUT OIL475011-- all --branded_food
select92.86GORGANIC VIRGIN COCONUT OIL549216-- all --branded_food
select92.86GCOCONUT OIL557031-- all --branded_food
select92.86G100% NATURAL COCONUT OIL494516-- all --branded_food
select92.86GORGANIC COCONUT OIL513174-- all --branded_food
select92.86GLA TOURANGELLE, EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL446899-- all --branded_food
select92.86G100% PURE REFINED COCONUT OIL533114-- all --branded_food
select92.86GORIGINAL COCONUT OIL531777-- all --branded_food
select92.86GCOCONUT OIL514838-- all --branded_food
select92.86GORGANIC PURE REFINED COCONUT OIL387804-- all --branded_food
select92.86GPURE REFINED COCONUT OIL387805-- all --branded_food
select92.86GCOCONUT OIL543441-- all --branded_food
select92.86GCOCONUT OIL537503-- all --branded_food
select92.86G100% ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL536443-- all --branded_food
select92.86GSWAD, COCONUT OIL500422-- all --branded_food
select92.86GCOCONUT OIL581726-- all --branded_food
select92.86GORGANIC VIRGIN COCONUT OIL581947-- all --branded_food
select92.86GCOCONUT OIL373570-- all --branded_food
select92.86GCADIA, ORGANIC COCONUT OIL420416-- all --branded_food
select92.86GCADIA, ORGANIC COCONUT OIL420415-- all --branded_food
select92.86GEXTRA VIRGIN ORGANIC COCONUT OIL443179-- all --branded_food
select92.86GCOCONUT OIL512979-- all --branded_food
select92.86GCOCONUT OIL395493-- all --branded_food
select92.614GOil, industrial, palm kernel (hydrogenated), confection fat, intermediate grade product173602Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select91.56GVEGETABLE OIL509769-- all --branded_food
select91.3GShortening confectionery, coconut (hydrogenated) and or palm kernel (hydrogenated)173568Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select90GOil, nutmeg butter172335Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select90GCOCONUT OIL457707-- all --branded_food
select90GRAW COCONUT OIL493783-- all --branded_food
select90GGARDEN OF LIFE, LIVING FOODS, EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL451703-- all --branded_food
select89.29GORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN COLD PRESSED COCONUT OIL369748-- all --branded_food
select88.965GOil, industrial, palm kernel (hydrogenated) , used for whipped toppings, non-dairy172366Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select88.209GOil, industrial, palm kernel (hydrogenated), filling fat173603Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select87.558GOil, industrial, palm kernel, confection fat, uses similar to high quality cocoa butter173600Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select86.67GCOCONUT OIL574301-- all --branded_food
select86.67GODORLESS COCONUT COOKING OIL499997-- all --branded_food
select86.67GLIQUID PREMIUM COCONUT OIL505634-- all --branded_food
select86.67GNATURE'S WAY, COCONUT PREMIUM OIL, SAVORY GARLIC501306-- all --branded_food
select86.67GNATURALLY REFINED ORGANIC COCONUT OIL498495-- all --branded_food
select86.67GORGANIC VIRGIN COCONUT OIL444755-- all --branded_food
select86.67GVIRGIN UNREFINED COCONUT OIL576635-- all --branded_food