Top Sources of 18:2 i

Food Group(s):       

The following quantities (column two below) indicate how much 18:2 i is found in 100 grams (about 3 1/2 ounces) of the following food items:
    FDC IDdata_type
select4.029GOil, industrial, soy ( partially hydrogenated), all purpose172362sr_legacy_food
select3.762GOil, industrial, canola (partially hydrogenated) oil for deep fat frying172360sr_legacy_food
select3.343GShortening, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated ) and corn for frying173606sr_legacy_food
select2.991GOil, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated) and cottonseed, principal use as a tortilla shortening172364sr_legacy_food
select2.867GOil, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated), principal uses popcorn and flavoring vegetables173596sr_legacy_food
select2.771GOil, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated), multiuse for non-dairy butter flavor172361sr_legacy_food
select2.719GMargarine, industrial, non-dairy, cottonseed, soy oil (partially hydrogenated ), for flaky pastries173605sr_legacy_food
select2.591GShortening, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated), pourable liquid fry shortening173597sr_legacy_food
select2.4GOil, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated ), palm, principal uses icings and fillings173604sr_legacy_food
select2.397GShortening, vegetable, household, composite173584sr_legacy_food
select2.333GShortening, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated ) for baking and confections173607sr_legacy_food
select2.01GOil, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated ) and soy (winterized), pourable clear fry172363sr_legacy_food
select1.265GMargarine, industrial, soy and partially hydrogenated soy oil, use for baking, sauces and candy172369sr_legacy_food
select1.265GMargarine-like shortening, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated), cottonseed, and soy, principal use flaky pastries173599sr_legacy_food
select0.75GCookies, chocolate sandwich, with extra creme filling172720sr_legacy_food
select0.713GSnacks, tortilla chips, plain, white corn, salted167558sr_legacy_food
select0.672GMargarine-like, margarine-butter blend, soybean oil and butter172339sr_legacy_food
select0.569GOil, cooking and salad, ENOVA, 80% diglycerides171433sr_legacy_food
select0.489GMargarine-like, vegetable oil spread, 60% fat, stick/tub/bottle, with salt173583sr_legacy_food
select0.296GButter, without salt173430sr_legacy_food
select0.296GButter, salted173410sr_legacy_food
select0.286GOil, corn, industrial and retail, all purpose salad or cooking171029sr_legacy_food
select0.219GOil, industrial, mid-oleic, sunflower172357sr_legacy_food
select0.19GOil, industrial, canola for salads, woks and light frying172359sr_legacy_food
select0.181GOil, vegetable, soybean, refined172370sr_legacy_food
select0.181GOil, industrial, canola with antifoaming agent, principal uses salads, woks and light frying172358sr_legacy_food
select0.17GMargarine-like, vegetable oil spread, approximately 37% fat, unspecified oils, with salt, with added vitamin D171434sr_legacy_food
select0.143GMargarine-like spread, SMART BALANCE Light Buttery Spread172372sr_legacy_food
select0.124GOil, industrial, soy, refined, for woks and light frying173598sr_legacy_food
select0.104GBURGER KING, Cheeseburger170329sr_legacy_food
select0.075GFast foods, cheeseburger; single, regular patty, with condiments170691sr_legacy_food
select0.071GFast foods, hamburger; single, large patty; with condiments, vegetables and mayonnaise173317sr_legacy_food
select0.071GBURGER KING, WHOPPER, no cheese170727sr_legacy_food
select0.061GCandies, toffee, prepared-from-recipe169671sr_legacy_food
select0.059GSalad dressing, buttermilk, lite169895sr_legacy_food
select0.059GSalad dressing, ranch dressing, reduced fat173593sr_legacy_food
select0.057GBURGER KING, DOUBLE WHOPPER, no cheese170729sr_legacy_food
select0.057GFast foods, hamburger; double, large patty; with condiments, vegetables and mayonnaise172080sr_legacy_food
select0.052GWENDY'S, CLASSIC SINGLE Hamburger, with cheese170322sr_legacy_food
select0.046GFast foods, cheeseburger; single, regular patty, with condiments and vegetables170692sr_legacy_food
select0.046GWENDY'S, Jr. Hamburger, with cheese170324sr_legacy_food
select0.038GWENDY'S, Jr. Hamburger, without cheese170323sr_legacy_food
select0.029GCandies, fudge, chocolate marshmallow, prepared-from-recipe169669sr_legacy_food
select0.027GCandies, fudge, chocolate marshmallow, with nuts, prepared-by-recipe168817sr_legacy_food
select0.024GFrostings, glaze, chocolate, prepared-from-recipe, with butter, NFSMI Recipe No. C-32168852sr_legacy_food
select0.012GCandies, taffy, prepared-from-recipe169670sr_legacy_food
select0.01GSalad dressing, ranch dressing, fat-free173591sr_legacy_food
select0.009GSauce, white, thin, prepared-from-recipe, with butter174542sr_legacy_food
select0.007GMilk, reduced fat, fluid, 2% milkfat, without added vitamin A and vitamin D172205sr_legacy_food
select0.007GMilk, reduced fat, fluid, 2% milkfat, with added vitamin A and vitamin D171267sr_legacy_food
select0.003GMilk, fluid, 1% fat, without added vitamin A and vitamin D173441sr_legacy_food
select0.003GMilk, lowfat, fluid, 1% milkfat, with added vitamin A and vitamin D170872sr_legacy_food
select0.001GCereals, oats, regular and quick and instant, unenriched, cooked with water (includes boiling and microwaving), with salt171675sr_legacy_food
select0.001GCereals, oats, regular and quick, unenriched, cooked with water (includes boiling and microwaving), without salt173905sr_legacy_food
select0GOil, industrial, coconut, principal uses candy coatings, oil sprays, roasting nuts173595sr_legacy_food