Top Sources of 18:1 c

Food Group(s):       

The following quantities (column two below) indicate how much 18:1 c is found in 100 grams (about 3 1/2 ounces) of the following food items:
    FDC IDcategorydata_type
select74.742GOil, safflower, salad or cooking, high oleic (primary safflower oil of commerce)171027Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select73.2GOlive oil, extra virgin748427Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select72.8GOlive oil, extra virgin748584Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select72.2GOlive oil, extra virgin748514Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select72.1GOlive oil, extra virgin748541Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select71.7GOlive oil, extra virgin748434Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select71.6GOlive oil, extra virgin748387Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select71.488GOil, industrial, canola, high oleic171042Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select71.3GOlive oil, extra virgin748495Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select70.9GOlive oil, extra virgin748598Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select70.7GOlive oil, extra virgin748604Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select70.5GOlive oil, extra virgin748375Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select70.3GOlive oil, extra virgin748441Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select70.1GOlive oil, extra virgin748413Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select69.9GOlive oil, extra virgin748521Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select69.9GOlive oil, extra virgin748407Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select69.893GOil, vegetable, Natreon canola, high stability, non trans, high oleic (70%)171033Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select69.4GOlive oil, extra virgin748548Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select69GOlive oil, extra virgin748577Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select68.7GOlive oil, extra virgin748489Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select68.6GOlive oil, extra virgin748456Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select68.5GOlive oil, extra virgin748534Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select67.8GOlive oil, extra virgin748568Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select67.8GOil, olive, extra virgin748608Fats and Oilsfoundation_food
select67.1GOlive oil, extra virgin748501Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select66.9GOlive oil, extra virgin748483Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select66.9GOlive oil, extra virgin748561Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select66.6GOlive oil, extra virgin748447Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select66.2GOlive oil, extra virgin748420Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select65.3GOlive oil, extra virgin748592Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select65.1GOlive oil, extra virgin748470Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select65GOlive oil, extra virgin748463Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select64.4GOlive oil, extra virgin748477Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select64.2GOlive oil, extra virgin748381Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select64.2GOlive oil, extra virgin748369Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select63.9GOlive oil, extra virgin748394Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select63.4GOlive oil, extra virgin748555Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select63.2GOlive oil, extra virgin748528Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select61.714GOil, canola172336Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select61.6GOlive oil, extra virgin748401Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select60.6GCanola oil748272Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select60.592GOil, industrial, canola with antifoaming agent, principal uses salads, woks and light frying172358Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select60.5GCanola oil748239Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select60.5GCanola oil748247Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select60.3GOil, canola748278Fats and Oilsfoundation_food
select60GCanola oil748255Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select59.7GCanola oil748263Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select59.496GOil, industrial, canola for salads, woks and light frying172359Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select57.142GOil, corn and canola169867Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select57.029GOil, industrial, mid-oleic, sunflower172357Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select56.9GOlive oil, extra virgin748507Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select47.292GOil, industrial, canola (partially hydrogenated) oil for deep fat frying172360Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select43.556GMargarine, 80% fat, tub, CANOLA HARVEST Soft Spread (canola, palm and palm kernel oils)171432Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select38.837GSeeds, sunflower seed butter, with salt added (Includes foods for USDA's Food Distribution Program)168595Nut and Seed Productssr_legacy_food
select38.837GSeeds, sunflower seed butter, without salt170155Nut and Seed Productssr_legacy_food
select36.266GOil, cooking and salad, ENOVA, 80% diglycerides171433Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select35.8GAlmonds, dry roasted, salted - NFY1213LE323255Nut and Seed Productssub_sample_food
select35.351GPeanut butter with omega-3, creamy172471Legumes and Legume Productssr_legacy_food
select35.1GAlmonds, dry roasted, salted - NFY1213KJ323151Nut and Seed Productssub_sample_food
select34.5GAlmonds, dry roasted, salted - NFY1213J7323194Nut and Seed Productssub_sample_food
select34.3GSunflower seeds, dry roasted, salted - NFY1213HG325509Nut and Seed Productssub_sample_food
select34.058GNuts, mixed nuts, dry roasted, with peanuts, without salt added170585Nut and Seed Productssr_legacy_food
select33.8GNuts, almonds, dry roasted, with salt added323294Nut and Seed Productsfoundation_food
select33.7GAlmonds, dry roasted, salted - NFY1213M0323283Nut and Seed Productssub_sample_food
select33.5GAlmonds, dry roasted, salted - NFY1213KZ323270Nut and Seed Productssub_sample_food
select33.5GSunflower seeds, dry roasted, salted - NFY1213GQ325465Nut and Seed Productssub_sample_food
select33.2GSeeds, sunflower seed kernels, dry roasted, with salt added325524Nut and Seed Productsfoundation_food
select33.1GAlmonds, dry roasted, salted - NFY1213IJ323219Nut and Seed Productssub_sample_food
select33GAlmonds, dry roasted, salted - NFY1213JX323166Nut and Seed Productssub_sample_food
select32.748GNuts, almonds, dry roasted, without salt added170158Nut and Seed Productssr_legacy_food
select32.748GNuts, almonds, dry roasted, with salt added168596Nut and Seed Productssr_legacy_food
select32GAlmonds, dry roasted, salted - NFY1213I1323237Nut and Seed Productssub_sample_food
select31.734GOil, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated) and cottonseed, principal use as a tortilla shortening172364Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select31.7GSunflower seeds, dry roasted, salted - NFY1213G0325488Nut and Seed Productssub_sample_food
select31.62GOil, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated), principal uses popcorn and flavoring vegetables173596Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select31.487GOil, industrial, soy ( partially hydrogenated), all purpose172362Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select31.294GNuts, almonds170567Nut and Seed Productssr_legacy_food
select31.134GOil, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated ), palm, principal uses icings and fillings173604Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select30.848GShortening, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated ) for baking and confections173607Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select30.744GShortening, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated ) and corn for frying173606Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select30.324GOil, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated), multiuse for non-dairy butter flavor172361Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select30.309GShortening, vegetable, household, composite173584Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select30.293GMargarine, regular, 80% fat, composite, tub, with salt172347Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select30.293GMargarine, regular, 80% fat, composite, tub, with salt, with added vitamin D171436Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select29.56GBeef, Australian, imported, Wagyu, external fat, Aust. marble score 9, raw173967Beef Productssr_legacy_food
select29.371GBeef, Australian, imported, Wagyu, seam fat, Aust. marble score 9, raw173968Beef Productssr_legacy_food
select29.315GShortening, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated), pourable liquid fry shortening173597Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select28.423GOil, industrial, soy, ultra low linolenic171439Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select28GCorn oil748281Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select27.893GNuts, mixed nuts, oil roasted, with peanuts, without salt added170587Nut and Seed Productssr_legacy_food
select27.893GNuts, mixed nuts, oil roasted, with peanuts, with salt added168600Nut and Seed Productssr_legacy_food
select27.893GNuts, mixed nuts, oil roasted, with peanuts, lightly salted169427Nut and Seed Productssr_legacy_food
select27.694GSauce, pesto, MEZZETTA, NAPA VALLEY BISTRO, basil pesto, ready-to-serve171185Soups, Sauces, and Graviessr_legacy_food
select27.333GOil, corn, industrial and retail, all purpose salad or cooking171029Fats and Oilssr_legacy_food
select27.3GCorn oil748290Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select27.226GNuts, mixed nuts, dry roasted, with peanuts, salt added, CHOSEN ROASTER170181Nut and Seed Productssr_legacy_food
select27.2GCorn oil748298Fats and Oilssub_sample_food
select27.2GOil, corn748323Fats and Oilsfoundation_food
select27.127GNuts, mixed nuts, dry roasted, with peanuts, salt added, PLANTERS pistachio blend170586Nut and Seed Productssr_legacy_food
select26.8GCorn oil748306Fats and Oilssub_sample_food