Top 100 Sources of Sugars, total including NLEA

Food Group(s):       

The following quantities (column two below) indicate how much Sugars, total including NLEA is found in 100 grams (about 3 1/2 ounces) of the following food items:
    FDC IDcatDescrdata_type
select100GSUGAR BLEND465055-- all --branded_food
select100GPEZ, CANDY & DISPENSER423691-- all --branded_food
select100GFUN SWEETS, COTTON CANDY408059-- all --branded_food
select100GCLASSIC COTTON CANDY408057-- all --branded_food
select100GDIERBERGS MARKETS, SOFT CHERRY CANDY BALLS425080-- all --branded_food
select100GCANDY572713-- all --branded_food
select100GSWEET HEALTH PREMIUM NATURAL SWEETENER464874-- all --branded_food
select100GSPICE RUB & MARINADE451573-- all --branded_food
select100GGRANULATED PURE CANE SUGAR528459-- all --branded_food
select100GPURE CANE SUGAR GRANULATED524422-- all --branded_food
select100GLIGHT BROWN PURE SUGAR459550-- all --branded_food
select100GLIGHT BROWN PURE SUGAR459540-- all --branded_food
select100GHUGE MIKE'S, ROLL OVER & RUB IT SEASONING555114-- all --branded_food
select100GDARK BROWN SUGAR458082-- all --branded_food
select100GHAMMOND'S, COTTON CANDY, CHERRY430210-- all --branded_food
select100GPURE CANE SUGAR EXTRA FINE GRANULATED382134-- all --branded_food
select100GEASER DECORS KIT445964-- all --branded_food
select100GWILTON, SPRINKLES, SPRING SUGARS442449-- all --branded_food
select100GSWEET N FUN, EGG CUP GUMBALL DISPENSER419595-- all --branded_food
select100GMAUD BORUP, COTTON CANDY, CHERRY419369-- all --branded_food
select100GFRANKFORD, LOLLIPOPS419000-- all --branded_food
select100GSWEET & SPICY SEAFOOD386639-- all --branded_food
select100GCANDIED YAMS MIX508672-- all --branded_food
select100GGRANULATED SUGAR461377-- all --branded_food
select100GWILTON, ICING DECORATIONS442650-- all --branded_food
select100GCANDY COATED CHOCOLATE524568-- all --branded_food
select100GGRANULATED SUGAR555196-- all --branded_food
select100GHILCO, MLB VALENTINE CARD KIT, CHERRY427777-- all --branded_food
select100GATOMIC FIREBALLS, CANDY419914-- all --branded_food
select100GLIGHT BROWN SUGAR528781-- all --branded_food
select100GLIGHT BROWN SUGAR528002-- all --branded_food
select100GDARK BROWN SUGAR PURE CANE570667-- all --branded_food
select100GDARK BROWN SUGAR524781-- all --branded_food
select100GEDIBLE DECOR RED SUGAR CRYSTALS445512-- all --branded_food
select100GEDIBLE DECOR PINK SUGAR CRYSTALS445508-- all --branded_food
select100GEMOJIS CANDY & DISPENSER420225-- all --branded_food
select100GGRANULATED SUGAR383218-- all --branded_food
select100GPURE CANE SUGAR463487-- all --branded_food
select100GGRANULATED SUGAR378016-- all --branded_food
select100GWILTON, ICING DECORATION442652-- all --branded_food
select100GLOVE MONKEY, COTTON CANDY430941-- all --branded_food
select100GMAUD BORUP, BEARY SWEET COTTON CANDY, CHERRY430939-- all --branded_food
select100GMAUD BORUP, COTTON CANDY, GREEN APPLE425058-- all --branded_food
select100GSOUTH WORD, ROCK CANDY, YELLOW LUMP429560-- all --branded_food
select100GORGANIC COCONUT PALM SUGAR372369-- all --branded_food
select100GUNCLE BILL'S FOODS, COTTON CANDY424456-- all --branded_food
select100GPEZ, ASSORTED FRUIT CANDY423692-- all --branded_food
select100GROUGH CUT SUGAR CUBES386632-- all --branded_food
select100GRED SUGAR CRYSTALS EDIBLE DECOR445494-- all --branded_food
select100GGREEN SUGAR CRYSTALS445498-- all --branded_food
select100GPINK SUGAR CRYSTALS445496-- all --branded_food
select100GPRODUCE PROTECTOR577679-- all --branded_food
select100GSPARKLING WHITE SUGAR EDIBLE DECOR445497-- all --branded_food
select100GNECCO, CANDY BUTTONS424908-- all --branded_food
select100GWILTON, MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE ICE DECORATIONS442660-- all --branded_food
select100GBAKERY CRAFTS, ICING DECORATION PARTY HATS439657-- all --branded_food
select100GRICHARDSON, LOLLI ROCKS CANDY, SILLY STRAWBERRY425466-- all --branded_food
select100GPURE CANE GRANULATED SUGAR458535-- all --branded_food
select100GKLASS, MELON FLAVORED DRINK430540-- all --branded_food
select100GKLASS, DRINK MIX, MANGO424741-- all --branded_food
select100GFIESTA COTTON CANDY, COTTON CANDY, SASSY APPLE421125-- all --branded_food
select100GBLUE SKY TREATS, BUTTERSCOTCH BUTTONS429689-- all --branded_food
select100GSWEETENER463523-- all --branded_food
select100GPEZ, DISNEP FROZEN, CANDY423690-- all --branded_food
select100GCANDY422599-- all --branded_food
select100GPURE ORGANIC BLOSSOM SUGAR466447-- all --branded_food
select100GPEZ, STAR WARS CANDY420223-- all --branded_food
select100GCOLORED SUGARS564609-- all --branded_food
select100GPURE CANE GRANULATED WHITE SUGAR555202-- all --branded_food
select100GDRINK MIX393683-- all --branded_food
select100GORGANIC RAW CANE SUGAR508316-- all --branded_food
select100GLIGHT BROWN SUGAR461002-- all --branded_food
select100GTURBINADO RAW SUGAR530187-- all --branded_food
select100GCRANBERRY COSMOS COCKTAIL RIMMING SUGAR459192-- all --branded_food
select100GCOCKTAIL RIMMING SUGAR561855-- all --branded_food
select100GCOCKTAIL RIMMING SUGAR507271-- all --branded_food
select100GCOCKTAIL RIMMING SUGAR561854-- all --branded_food
select100GPEZ, CANDY & DISPENSER, STRAWBERRY, ORANGE465841-- all --branded_food
select100GSUGAR IN THE RAW, TURBINADO CANE SUGAR460800-- all --branded_food
select100GZERO TO HERO, A SWEET RUB384234-- all --branded_food
select100GGRANULATED CANE SUGAR527181-- all --branded_food
select100GDARK BROWN SUGAR525789-- all --branded_food
select100GDARK BROWN SUGAR525688-- all --branded_food
select100GPURE CANE LIGHT BROWN SUGAR526135-- all --branded_food
select100GICING DECORATIONS471461-- all --branded_food
select100GORGANIC RAW CANE SUGAR530665-- all --branded_food
select100GHARD MINTS CANDIES375633-- all --branded_food
select100GDESSERT DECORATIONS CANDY ORNAMENTS578180-- all --branded_food
select100GDESSERT DECORATIONS578181-- all --branded_food
select100GSOFT PEPPERMINT PUFFS528723-- all --branded_food
select100GSOFT PEPPERMINT PUFFS523670-- all --branded_food
select100GPREMIUM PURE CANE GRANULATED SUGAR382137-- all --branded_food
select100GPREMIUM PURE CANE GRANULATED SUGAR382140-- all --branded_food
select100GSUGAR SWEETENED SOFT DRINK MIX483860-- all --branded_food
select100GSOFT DRINK MIX483859-- all --branded_food
select100GCLOVER HONEY526826-- all --branded_food
select100GSOFT PEPPERMINT, PURE SUGAR CANDY BALLS509258-- all --branded_food
select100GORGANIC COCONUT PALM SUGAR499662-- all --branded_food
select100GPILONCILLO481191-- all --branded_food