Top 100 Sources of Caffeine

Food Group(s):       

The following quantities (column two below) indicate how much Caffeine is found in 100 grams (about 3 1/2 ounces) of the following food items:
    ndb no.
select5,714.000mgBeverages, tea, instant, unsweetened, powder14366
select3,142.000mgBeverages, coffee, instant, regular, powder14214
select2,240.000mgBeverages, tea, instant, sweetened with sodium saccharin, lemon-flavored, powder14375
select2,063.000mgBeverages, coffee, instant, with chicory14222
select1,794.000mgBeverages, tea, instant, lemon, unsweetened14368
select1,571.000mgBeverages, coffee, instant, regular, half the caffeine14203
select839.000mgCandies, dark chocolate coated coffee beans19268
select800.000mgCandies, milk chocolate coated coffee beans19279
select360.000mgBeverages, coffee, instant, mocha, sweetened14224
select230.000mgCocoa, dry powder, unsweetened19165
select212.000mgBeverages, coffee, brewed, espresso, restaurant-prepared14210
select197.000mgCocoa, dry powder, hi-fat or breakfast, plain19859
select169.000mgBeverages, tea, instant, decaffeinated, unsweetened14353
select124.000mgBeverages, tea, instant, lemon, with added ascorbic acid14548
select122.000mgBeverages, coffee, instant, decaffeinated, powder14218
select86.000mgChocolate, dark, 60-69% cacao solids19903
select80.000mgChocolate, dark, 70-85% cacao solids19904
select80.000mgBaking chocolate, unsweetened, squares19078
select78.000mgCocoa, dry powder, unsweetened, processed with alkali19166
select72.000mgCocoa, dry powder, hi-fat or breakfast, processed with alkali19860
select66.000mgCandies, sweet chocolate19081
select62.000mgCandies, semisweet chocolate19080
select62.000mgCandies, semisweet chocolate, made with butter19701
select57.000mgBeverages, tea, instant, decaffeinated, lemon, diet14356
select52.000mgBeverage, instant breakfast powder, chocolate, sugar-free, not reconstituted43260
select47.000mgCandies, chocolate, dark, NFS (45-59% cacao solids 90%; 60-69% cacao solids 5%; 70-85% cacao solids 5%)19905
select47.000mgBaking chocolate, unsweetened, liquid19077
select43.000mgChocolate, dark, 45- 59% cacao solids19902
select40.000mgCoffee, brewed, prepared with tap water14209
select38.000mgBeverages, Energy Drink with carbonated water and high fructose corn syrup14060
select37.000mgMalted drink mix, chocolate, powder14317
select35.000mgBeverages, tea, instant, lemon, sweetened, powder14370
select34.000mgBeverages, Cocoa mix, low calorie, powder, with added calcium, phosphorus, aspartame, without added sodium or vitamin A14538
select34.000mgBeverages, THE COCA-COLA COMPANY, NOS Zero, energy drink, sugar-free with guarana, fortified with vitamins B6 and B1214026
select34.000mgBeverages, THE COCA-COLA COMPANY, NOS energy drink, Original, grape, loaded cherry, charged citrus, fortified with vitamins B6 and B1214030
select33.000mgBeverages, Energy drink, ROCKSTAR14629
select33.000mgBeverages, Energy drink, ROCKSTAR, sugar free14630
select33.000mgBeverages, Energy drink, FULL THROTTLE14626
select33.000mgBeverages, Energy Drink, Monster, fortified with vitamins C, B2, B3, B6, B1214627
select32.000mgBeverages, Energy Drink, sugar free14061
select31.000mgBeverages, Energy drink, AMP14625
select30.000mgCandies, NESTLE, CRUNCH Bar and Dessert Topping19145
select30.000mgBeverages, MONSTER energy drink, low carb14022
select30.000mgBeverages, Energy drink, RED BULL, sugar free, with added caffeine, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamins B6 and B1214156
select30.000mgBeverages, Energy drink, AMP, sugar free14628
select30.000mgCandies, MARS SNACKFOOD US, MILKY WAY Midnight Bar42196
select29.000mgBeverages, Energy drink, RED BULL14154
select28.000mgBeverages, coffee, ready to drink, milk based, sweetened14179
select26.000mgAlcoholic beverage, liqueur, coffee, 63 proof14534
select26.000mgAlcoholic beverage, liqueur, coffee, 53 proof14414
select26.000mgBeverages, coffee, instant, regular, prepared with water14215
select25.000mgBeverages, coffee and cocoa, instant, decaffeinated, with whitener and low calorie sweetener14204
select25.000mgBeverages, Dairy drink mix, chocolate, reduced calorie, with low-calorie sweeteners, powder14422
select25.000mgBeverage, instant breakfast powder, chocolate, not reconstituted43205
select23.000mgBeverages, OCEAN SPRAY, Cran-Energy, Cranberry Energy Juice Drink14038
select21.000mgBeverages, coffee, instant, chicory14223
select21.000mgCookie, with peanut butter filling, chocolate-coated28290
select21.000mgBeverages, coffee, instant, with whitener, reduced calorie43401
select20.000mgCandies, milk chocolate19120
select20.000mgCandies, milk chocolate, with rice cereal19134
select20.000mgBeverages, tea, black, brewed, prepared with tap water14355
select20.000mgBeverages, tea, black, brewed, prepared with distilled water14544
select20.000mgBeverages, coffee, ready to drink, iced, mocha, milk based14183
select19.000mgBeverages, Cocoa mix, no sugar added, powder14196
select19.000mgBeverages, Energy drink, VAULT, citrus flavor14640
select19.000mgBeverages, Energy drink, VAULT Zero, sugar-free, citrus flavor14641
select19.000mgBeverages, coffee substitute, cereal grain beverage, powder14236
select19.000mgCandies, chocolate covered, caramel with nuts43031
select18.000mgPuddings, chocolate flavor, low calorie, regular, dry mix44258
select18.000mgBeverages, Cocoa mix, powder14192
select18.000mgBeverages, carbonated beverage, limeade, high caffeine14165
select18.000mgBeverages, coffee, ready to drink, vanilla, light, milk based, sweetened14173
select18.000mgCandies, milk chocolate, with almonds19132
select18.000mgCandies, MR. GOODBAR Chocolate Bar19143
select18.000mgCookie, vanilla with caramel, coconut, and chocolate coating28289
select18.000mgSyrup, NESTLE, chocolate19924
select18.000mgCandies, fudge, chocolate marshmallow, prepared-from-recipe19379
select17.000mgCandies, MOUNDS Candy Bar19142
select16.000mgCookies, chocolate chip, prepared from recipe, made with margarine18165
select16.000mgCandies, M&M MARS 3 MUSKETEERS Truffle Crisp19914
select16.000mgCandies, fudge, chocolate marshmallow, with nuts, prepared-by-recipe19301
select16.000mgBeverages, tea, Oolong, brewed14185
select15.000mgBeverages, yellow green colored citrus soft drink with caffeine14079
select15.000mgBeverages, Carbonated beverage, low calorie, other than cola or pepper, with aspartame, contains caffeine14151
select15.000mgCandies, truffles, prepared-from-recipe19138
select14.000mgCandies, MARS SNACKFOOD US, M&M's Milk Chocolate Candies19141
select14.000mgBaking chocolate, mexican, squares19124
select14.000mgCandies, milk chocolate coated peanuts19126
select14.000mgCandies, KIT KAT Wafer Bar19109
select14.000mgPuddings, chocolate flavor, low calorie, instant, dry mix44061
select13.000mgCookies, chocolate chip, commercially prepared, regular, lower fat18158
select13.000mgDesserts, rennin, chocolate, dry mix19220
select13.000mgBeverages, ZEVIA, cola14073
select13.000mgBeverages, Energy drink, Citrus14021
select12.000mgBeverages, tea, green, ready to drink, unsweetened14261
select12.000mgBeverages, tea, green, brewed, regular14278
select12.000mgBeverages, Carbonated beverage, low calorie, cola or pepper-type, with aspartame, contains caffeine14416
select12.000mgSyrups, chocolate, HERSHEY'S Sugar free, Genuine Chocolate Flavored, Lite Syrup19916
select12.000mgCookies, chocolate chip, dry mix18161
select12.000mgCandies, TOBLERONE, milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat19001