Top 100 Sources of Zinc, Zn

Food Group(s):       

The following quantities (column two below) indicate how much Zinc, Zn is found in 100 grams (about 3 1/2 ounces) of the following food items:
    ndb no.
select90.950mgMollusks, oyster, eastern, canned15170
select87.130mgMollusks, oyster, eastern, cooked, breaded and fried15168
select78.600mgMollusks, oyster, eastern, wild, cooked, moist heat15169
select64.330mgCereals ready-to-eat, RALSTON Enriched Wheat Bran flakes8504
select61.040mgMollusks, oyster, eastern, wild, cooked, dry heat15244
select51.700mgCereals ready-to-eat, KELLOGG, KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN COMPLETE Wheat Flakes8028
select50.000mgCereals ready-to-eat, KELLOGG, KELLOGG'S PRODUCT 198058
select50.000mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, Whole Grain TOTAL8077
select45.150mgMollusks, oyster, eastern, farmed, cooked, dry heat15246
select39.300mgMollusks, oyster, eastern, wild, raw15167
select37.920mgMollusks, oyster, eastern, farmed, raw15245
select33.240mgMollusks, oyster, Pacific, cooked, moist heat15231
select30.000mgCereals ready-to-eat, KELLOGG, KELLOGG'S SMART START Strong Heart Antioxidants Cereal8318
select28.300mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, TOTAL Raisin Bran8247
select27.800mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, WHEATIES8089
select25.430mgBabyfood, finger snacks, GERBER, GRADUATES, LIL CRUNCHIES - MILD CHEDDAR33879
select23.000mgIncaparina, dry mix (corn and soy flours), unprepared8580
select18.750mgBeverages, nutritional shake mix, high protein, powder14654
select18.620mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, LUCKY CHARMS8050
select18.200mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, Honey KIX8643
select18.120mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH8272
select17.980mgCereals ready-to-eat, QUAKER, Cap'n Crunch's OOPS! All Berries Cereal8629
select17.870mgCereals ready-to-eat, MALT-O-MEAL, OAT BLENDERS with honey & almonds8675
select17.460mgBabyfood, finger snacks, GERBER, GRADUATES, PUFFS, apple and cinnamon3023
select17.420mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, KIX8048
select17.310mgBeverages, UNILEVER, SLIMFAST Shake Mix, powder, 3-2-1 Plan14047
select17.290mgBeverages, UNILEVER, SLIMFAST Shake Mix, high protein, whey powder, 3-2-1 Plan,14055
select17.170mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, HONEY NUT CHEERIOS8045
select17.130mgCereals ready-to-eat, RALSTON Corn Biscuits8505
select16.730mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, CHEERIOS8013
select16.670mgCereals ready-to-eat, wheat germ, toasted, plain8084
select16.620mgMollusks, oyster, Pacific, raw15171
select16.360mgCereals ready-to-eat, QUAKER, Christmas Crunch8550
select16.160mgCereals ready-to-eat, QUAKER, CAP'N CRUNCH8010
select16.010mgCereals ready-to-eat, SUN COUNTRY, KRETSCHMER Wheat Germ, Regular8366
select15.560mgCereals ready-to-eat, QUAKER, CAP'N CRUNCH with CRUNCHBERRIES8011
select15.420mgCereals ready-to-eat, QUAKER, CAP'N CRUNCH'S Halloween Crunch8625
select15.400mgBeverage, instant breakfast powder, chocolate, sugar-free, not reconstituted43260
select15.300mgCereals ready-to-eat, QUAKER, QUAKER CRUNCHY BRAN8018
select15.290mgCereals ready-to-eat, QUAKER, CAP'N CRUNCH'S PEANUT BUTTER CRUNCH8012
select15.290mgCereals ready-to-eat, QUAKER, SWEET CRUNCH/QUISP8059
select15.100mgPeanut butter, chunky, vitamin and mineral fortified16156
select14.680mgCereals ready-to-eat, MALT-O-MEAL, Blueberry MUFFIN TOPS Cereal8487
select14.500mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, PEANUT BUTTER TOAST CRUNCH8634
select14.400mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, COOKIE CRISP8017
select14.400mgPeanut butter, smooth, vitamin and mineral fortified16155
select14.390mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, FIBER ONE, HONEY CLUSTERS8598
select14.100mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, TRIX8078
select13.940mgCereals ready-to-eat, MALT-O-MEAL, HONEY GRAHAM SQUARES8481
select13.900mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, DORA THE EXPLORER8582
select13.900mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, COCOA PUFFS8271
select13.900mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, Berry Burst CHEERIOS, Triple Berry8239
select13.900mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, Oat Cluster CHEERIOS Crunch8637
select13.890mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, CHEERIOS, Chocolate8593
select13.890mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, Dulce De Leche CHEERIOS8671
select13.890mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, FROSTED CHEERIOS8267
select13.890mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, COUNT CHOCULA8270
select13.890mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, Fruity CHEERIOS8583
select13.890mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, Rice CHEX8064
select13.880mgCereals ready-to-eat, SUN COUNTRY, KRETSCHMER Honey Crunch Wheat Germ8085
select13.820mgCereals ready-to-eat, QUAKER, QUAKER Honey Graham LIFE Cereal8549
select13.780mgCereals ready-to-eat, QUAKER, QUAKER OAT CINNAMON LIFE8210
select13.780mgCereals ready-to-eat, QUAKER, QUAKER OAT LIFE, plain8049
select13.640mgBeverages, chocolate powder, no sugar added14063
select13.640mgBeverages, rich chocolate, powder14080
select13.640mgBeverages, OVALTINE, Classic Malt powder14309
select13.640mgBeverages, OVALTINE, chocolate malt powder14315
select13.570mgFormulated bar, MARS SNACKFOOD US, SNICKERS MARATHON Double Chocolate Nut Bar25006
select13.470mgCereals ready-to-eat, QUAKER, Maple Brown Sugar LIFE Cereal8628
select13.390mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, CHEERIOS, Banana Nut8592
select13.390mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, Multi Grain CHEERIOS, Peanut Butter8682
select13.390mgCereals ready-to-eat, RALSTON TASTEEOS8074
select13.390mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, 25% Less Sugar TRIX8586
select13.390mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, CHOCOLATE LUCKY CHARMS8513
select12.930mgCereals ready-to-eat, MALT-O-MEAL, Honey BUZZERS8476
select12.900mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, REESE'S PUFFS8194
select12.890mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, Multi-Grain CHEERIOS8087
select12.710mgCereals ready-to-eat, QUAKER, KING VITAMAN8047
select12.680mgBabyfood, cereal, oatmeal, dry fortified3189
select12.500mgCereals ready-to-eat, MALT-O-MEAL, MARSHMALLOW MATEYS8138
select12.500mgCereals ready-to-eat, MALT-O-MEAL, CINNAMON TOASTERS8494
select12.500mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, CHEERIOS, Yogurt Burst, strawberry8553
select12.500mgCereals ready-to-eat, MALT-O-MEAL, COCO-ROOS8206
select12.500mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, APPLE CINNAMON CHEERIOS8263
select12.500mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, FIBER ONE Bran Cereal8244
select12.500mgCereals ready-to-eat, MALT-O-MEAL, COLOSSAL CRUNCH8346
select12.500mgCereals ready-to-eat, MALT-O-MEAL, BERRY COLOSSAL CRUNCH8347
select12.500mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, FROSTED TOAST CRUNCH8679
select12.500mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, FIBER ONE 80 Calories, Chocolate Squares8669
select12.500mgCereals ready-to-eat, MALT-O-MEAL, Honey Nut SCOOTERS8676
select12.500mgCereals ready-to-eat, MALT-O-MEAL, OAT BLENDERS with honey8674
select12.500mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, FIBER ONE 80 Calories, Honey Squares8651
select12.500mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, Cinnamon CHEX8595
select12.500mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, COCOA PUFFS, 25% Reduced Sugar8635
select12.400mgCereals ready-to-eat, KELLOGG, KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN Original8001
select12.320mgSeeds, cottonseed meal, partially defatted (glandless)12011
select12.290mgWheat germ, crude20078
select12.280mgBeef, chuck, short ribs, boneless, separable lean only, trimmed to 0" fat, select, cooked, braised13981
select12.100mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, GOLDEN GRAHAMS8035
select12.100mgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, Corn CHEX8019