Top 100 Sources of Vitamin A, RAE

Food Group(s):       

The following quantities (column two below) indicate how much Vitamin A, RAE is found in 100 grams (about 3 1/2 ounces) of the following food items:
    ndb no.
select30,000.000mcgFish oil, cod liver4589
select28,319.000mcgBeef, New Zealand, imported, variety meats and by-products, liver, raw23425
select21,145.000mcgVeal, variety meats and by-products, liver, cooked, braised17203
select21,014.000mcgBeef, New Zealand, imported, variety meats and by-products liver, cooked, boiled23424
select20,074.000mcgVeal, variety meats and by-products, liver, cooked, pan-fried17204
select19,872.000mcgLamb, New Zealand, imported, liver, cooked, soaked and fried17368
select15,434.000mcgLamb, New Zealand, imported, liver, raw17369
select11,984.000mcgDuck, domesticated, liver, raw5143
select11,707.000mcgVeal, variety meats and by-products, liver, raw17202
select10,751.000mcgTurkey, liver, all classes, cooked, simmered5178
select9,442.000mcgBeef, variety meats and by-products, liver, cooked, braised13326
select9,309.000mcgGoose, liver, raw5150
select8,308.000mcgLiver sausage, liverwurst, pork7041
select8,058.000mcgTurkey, liver, all classes, raw5177
select7,782.000mcgLamb, variety meats and by-products, liver, cooked, pan-fried17201
select7,744.000mcgBeef, variety meats and by-products, liver, cooked, pan-fried13327
select7,491.000mcgLamb, variety meats and by-products, liver, cooked, braised17200
select7,391.000mcgLamb, variety meats and by-products, liver, raw17199
select6,502.000mcgPork, fresh, variety meats and by-products, liver, raw10110
select6,006.000mcgBeverages, Orange-flavor drink, breakfast type, low calorie, powder14409
select5,997.000mcgFruit-flavored drink, powder, with high vitamin C with other added vitamins, low calorie43345
select5,405.000mcgPork, fresh, variety meats and by-products, liver, cooked, braised10111
select5,252.000mcgLiver cheese, pork7040
select4,968.000mcgBeef, variety meats and by-products, liver, raw13325
select4,880.000mcgSeal, ringed, liver (Alaska Native)35072
select4,723.000mcgOSCAR MAYER, Braunschweiger Liver Sausage (sliced)7207
select4,619.000mcgTurkey, whole, giblets, cooked, simmered5172
select4,505.000mcgPate, truffle flavor7942
select4,374.000mcgChicken, capons, giblets, raw5137
select4,296.000mcgChicken, liver, all classes, cooked, pan-fried5661
select4,220.000mcgBraunschweiger (a liver sausage), pork7014
select4,091.000mcgLiverwurst spread7911
select3,984.000mcgChicken, capons, giblets, cooked, simmered5138
select3,981.000mcgChicken, liver, all classes, cooked, simmered5028
select3,939.000mcgTurkey, whole, giblets, raw5171
select3,863.000mcgPeppers, sweet, red, freeze-dried11931
select3,582.000mcgChicken, broilers or fryers, giblets, cooked, fried5021
select3,423.000mcgCarrot, dehydrated11683
select3,415.000mcgChives, freeze-dried11615
select3,296.000mcgChicken, liver, all classes, raw5027
select3,152.000mcgChicken, stewing, giblets, raw5127
select2,880.000mcgChicken, roasting, giblets, raw5115
select2,864.000mcgChicken, stewing, giblets, cooked, simmered5128
select2,686.000mcgBeverage, instant breakfast powder, chocolate, sugar-free, not reconstituted43260
select2,657.000mcgChicken, broilers or fryers, giblets, raw5020
select2,463.000mcgSpices, paprika2028
select2,443.000mcgChicken, roasting, giblets, cooked, simmered5116
select2,081.000mcgSpices, pepper, red or cayenne2031
select1,875.000mcgBeverages, nutritional shake mix, high protein, powder14654
select1,788.000mcgPeppers, pasilla, dried11982
select1,770.000mcgIncaparina, dry mix (corn and soy flours), unprepared8580
select1,753.000mcgChicken, broilers or fryers, giblets, cooked, simmered5022
select1,496.000mcgSnack, BALANCE, original bar25068
select1,483.000mcgSpices, chili powder2009
select1,433.000mcgMargarine-like spread, SMART BALANCE Light Buttery Spread4674
select1,376.000mcgGrape leaves, raw11974
select1,370.000mcgMargarine-like spread, BENECOL Light Spread4687
select1,365.000mcgBeverages, rich chocolate, powder14080
select1,365.000mcgBeverages, OVALTINE, chocolate malt powder14315
select1,365.000mcgBeverages, OVALTINE, Classic Malt powder14309
select1,341.000mcgCereals, CREAM OF WHEAT, instant, dry8106
select1,324.000mcgCereals ready-to-eat, chocolate-flavored frosted puffed corn8204
select1,324.000mcgPeppers, hot chile, sun-dried11962
select1,297.000mcgMargarine-like, vegetable oil spread, approximately 37% fat, unspecified oils, with salt, with added vitamin D4690
select1,297.000mcgMargarine-like, vegetable oil spread, unspecified oils, approximately 37% fat, with salt4128
select1,256.000mcgCereals ready-to-eat, RALSTON Crispy Hexagons8507
select1,250.000mcgCereals ready-to-eat, KELLOGG, KELLOGG'S FROSTED RICE KRISPIES8032
select1,210.000mcgCereals ready-to-eat, KELLOGG, KELLOGG'S COCOA KRISPIES8014
select1,184.000mcgSnacks, sweet potato chips, unsalted25012
select1,172.000mcgPeanut butter, smooth, vitamin and mineral fortified16155
select1,172.000mcgPeanut butter, chunky, vitamin and mineral fortified16156
select1,137.000mcgFish, eel, mixed species, cooked, dry heat15026
select1,136.000mcgCereals ready-to-eat, RALSTON CRISP RICE8025
select1,136.000mcgCereals ready-to-eat, KELLOGG, KELLOGG'S RICE KRISPIES8065
select1,110.000mcgChild formula, MEAD JOHNSON, PORTAGEN, with iron, powder, not reconstituted3819
select1,092.000mcgCereals ready-to-eat, RALSTON Corn Biscuits8505
select1,090.000mcgCereals ready-to-eat, MALT-O-MEAL, Fruity DYNO-BITES8501
select1,071.000mcgCereals ready-to-eat, RALSTON TASTEEOS8074
select1,050.000mcgProtein supplement, milk based, Muscle Milk Light, powder1224
select1,050.000mcgFormulated bar, ZONE PERFECT CLASSIC CRUNCH BAR, mixed flavors25031
select1,044.000mcgOil, spotted seal (Alaska Native)35156
select1,043.000mcgFish, eel, mixed species, raw15025
select1,043.000mcgSweet potato, frozen, cooked, baked, without salt11517
select1,034.000mcgBeverages, UNILEVER, SLIMFAST Shake Mix, powder, 3-2-1 Plan14047
select1,032.000mcgMargarine, industrial, non-dairy, cottonseed, soy oil (partially hydrogenated ), for flaky pastries4665
select1,026.000mcgKELLOGG'S, POP-TARTS MINI CRISPS, Frosted Strawberry Baked Bites28185
select1,022.000mcgPeppers, ancho, dried11978
select1,001.000mcgPate de foie gras, canned (goose liver pate), smoked5282
select1,001.000mcgPate, goose liver, smoked, canned7054
select993.000mcgMargarine-like, vegetable oil spread, fat-free, tub4631
select991.000mcgPate, liver, not specified, canned7055
select990.000mcgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, CHEERIOS8013
select981.000mcgCereals ready-to-eat, RALSTON Corn Flakes8506
select968.000mcgCereals ready-to-eat, QUAKER, KING VITAMAN8047
select961.000mcgSweet potato, cooked, baked in skin, flesh, without salt11508
select956.000mcgCarrot juice, canned11655
select943.000mcgCereals, QUAKER, Instant Oatmeal, fruit and cream variety, dry8225
select940.000mcgFormulated bar, SLIM-FAST OPTIMA meal bar, milk chocolate peanut25020
select918.000mcgCereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH8272
select901.000mcgKEEBLER, GRIPZ, Cinnamon Grahams, bite-size28105