Top 100 Sources of Dihydrophylloquinone

Food Group(s):       

The following quantities (column two below) indicate how much Dihydrophylloquinone is found in 100 grams (about 3 1/2 ounces) of the following food items:
    ndb no.
select164.900mcgShortening, vegetable, household, composite4615
select103.800mcgMargarine, 80% fat, stick, includes regular and hydrogenated corn and soybean oils4628
select72.300mcgMargarine-like, margarine-butter blend, soybean oil and butter4585
select70.000mcgSnacks, popcorn, microwave, regular (butter) flavor, made with partially hydrogenated oil25014
select68.200mcgCream substitute, powdered1069
select64.300mcgCrackers, cheese, sandwich-type with cheese filling18927
select64.100mcgPie Crust, Cookie-type, Chocolate, Ready Crust18943
select62.300mcgKFC, Popcorn Chicken21422
select61.400mcgPie crust, deep dish, frozen, baked, made with enriched flour18947
select58.400mcgBURGER KING, french fries21249
select56.400mcgTACO BELL, Nachos21268
select53.600mcgMargarine, regular, 80% fat, composite, tub, with salt4611
select53.600mcgMargarine, regular, 80% fat, composite, tub, with salt, with added vitamin D4692
select51.700mcgPie crust, deep dish, frozen, unbaked, made with enriched flour18945
select48.600mcgMcDONALD'S, french fries21238
select43.700mcgSnacks, tortilla chips, plain, white corn, salted19056
select43.700mcgSnacks, tortilla chips, unsalted, white corn43364
select42.800mcgFast foods, potato, french fried in vegetable oil21138
select42.800mcgCrackers, standard snack-type, sandwich, with peanut butter filling18231
select35.500mcgWaffles, plain, frozen, ready -to-heat, toasted18403
select34.400mcgDoughnuts, yeast-leavened, glazed, enriched (includes honey buns)18255
select34.100mcgPie crust, standard-type, frozen, ready-to-bake, enriched, baked18335
select33.000mcgCrackers, cheese, sandwich-type with peanut butter filling18215
select32.500mcgBURGER KING, Chicken Strips21256
select30.900mcgPie crust, standard-type, frozen, ready-to-bake, enriched18334
select29.100mcgPotato puffs, frozen, oven-heated11399
select29.100mcgPastry, Pastelitos de Guava (guava pastries)18959
select28.900mcgFast foods, biscuit, with sausage21009
select28.500mcgKFC, Crispy Chicken Strips21421
select27.700mcgBURGER KING, french toast sticks21386
select27.700mcgFast foods, french toast sticks21024
select26.700mcgMargarine-like, vegetable oil spread, 60% fat, stick, with salt4612
select26.700mcgMargarine-like, vegetable oil spread, 60% fat, tub, with salt4613
select26.700mcgMargarine Spread, approximately 48% fat, tub4630
select23.000mcgWaffle, plain, frozen, ready-to-heat, microwave18935
select22.800mcgFast foods, miniature cinnamon rolls21388
select21.700mcgFast foods, biscuit, with egg, cheese, and bacon21007
select21.500mcgWENDY'S, french fries21247
select21.100mcgTACO BELL, Nachos Supreme21269
select21.000mcgCrackers, cream, GAMESA SABROSAS18961
select20.800mcgWaffle, buttermilk, frozen, ready-to-heat, microwaved18934
select19.600mcgPotatoes, french fried, shoestring, salt added in processing, frozen, oven-heated11395
select19.600mcgWaffles, plain, frozen, ready-to-heat18365
select18.700mcgCandies, TOOTSIE ROLL, chocolate-flavor roll19064
select17.900mcgWaffles, buttermilk, frozen, ready-to-heat18932
select17.800mcgFast Foods, biscuit, with egg and sausage21005
select17.100mcgWENDY'S, Chicken Nuggets21246
select16.800mcgSnacks, corn-based, extruded, chips, plain19003
select16.300mcgUSDA Commodity, Bakery, Flour Mix18930
select15.900mcgPotatoes, french fried, shoestring, salt added in processing, frozen, as purchased11394
select15.500mcgPotatoes, french fried, crinkle or regular cut, salt added in processing, frozen, oven-heated11360
select15.300mcgChicken breast tenders, breaded, uncooked5327
select15.100mcgPotatoes, french fried, all types, salt not added in processing, frozen, oven-heated11841
select14.600mcgCrackers, saltines, low salt (includes oyster, soda, soup)18425
select14.500mcgSnacks, granola bars, soft, uncoated, chocolate chip19404
select14.400mcgPotatoes, french fried, crinkle or regular cut, salt added in processing, frozen, as purchased11359
select12.800mcgPotatoes, french fried, all types, salt added in processing, frozen, unprepared11402
select12.800mcgPotatoes, french fried, all types, salt not added in processing, frozen, as purchased11842
select12.800mcgCake, yellow, commercially prepared, with chocolate frosting, in-store bakery18140
select12.300mcgMargarine-like spread, BENECOL Light Spread4687
select11.600mcgBURGER KING, CROISSAN'WICH with Sausage and Cheese21384
select11.400mcgPAPA JOHN'S 14" Cheese Pizza, Thin Crust21286
select11.100mcgRestaurant, Latino, bunuelos (fried yeast bread)36416
select10.500mcgFast foods, chicken, breaded and fried, boneless pieces, plain21229
select10.400mcgBread, pan dulce, sweet yeast bread18955
select10.100mcgPotatoes, french fried, steak fries, salt added in processing, frozen, oven-heated11412
select10.000mcgTACO BELL, Taco Salad21270
select9.500mcgSnacks, GENERAL MILLS, CHEX MIX, traditional flavor19033
select9.100mcgBURGER KING, Premium Fish Sandwich21258
select9.000mcgMargarine-like, vegetable oil spread, approximately 37% fat, unspecified oils, with salt, with added vitamin D4690
select9.000mcgMargarine-like, vegetable oil spread, unspecified oils, approximately 37% fat, with salt4128
select8.800mcgBURGER KING, CROISSAN'WICH with Sausage, Egg and Cheese21383
select8.700mcgCake, chocolate, commercially prepared with chocolate frosting, in-store bakery18096
select8.500mcgSnacks, popcorn, microwave, 94% fat free25000
select8.000mcgBURGER KING, CROISSAN'WICH with Egg and Cheese21385
select8.000mcgPotatoes, french fried, steak fries, salt added in processing, frozen, as purchased11411
select7.700mcgBURGER KING, Original Chicken Sandwich21259
select7.000mcgMushrooms, portabella, grilled11243
select7.000mcgMushrooms, portabella, exposed to ultraviolet light, grilled11939
select6.600mcgTACO BELL, Original Taco with beef, cheese and lettuce21260
select6.600mcgFast foods, taco with beef, cheese and lettuce, hard shell21082
select6.400mcgCRACKER BARREL, macaroni n' cheese plate, from kid's menu36609
select5.900mcgMacaroni and cheese, dry mix, prepared with 2% milk and 80% stick margarine from dry mix22960
select5.700mcgRestaurant, Latino, empanadas, beef, prepared36403
select5.300mcgSnacks, corn-based, extruded, puffs or twists, cheese-flavor, unenriched19802
select5.300mcgSnacks, corn-based, extruded, puffs or twists, cheese-flavor19008
select5.200mcgSnacks, pretzels, hard, plain, salted19047
select5.100mcgTACO BELL, Bean Burrito21264
select5.100mcgChicken pot pie, frozen entree, prepared22906
select4.800mcgTACO BELL, Soft Taco with beef, cheese and lettuce21261
select4.800mcgPancakes, plain, frozen, ready-to-heat, microwave (includes buttermilk)18936
select4.500mcgCrackers, standard snack-type, regular18229
select4.400mcgTACO BELL, Soft Taco with chicken, cheese and lettuce21262
select4.400mcgTACO BELL, BURRITO SUPREME with steak21267
select4.300mcgWENDY'S, Homestyle Chicken Fillet Sandwich21244
select4.200mcgTACO BELL, Soft Taco with steak21263
select4.100mcgDOMINO'S 14" Cheese Pizza, Ultimate Deep Dish Crust21278
select4.100mcgCinnamon buns, frosted (includes honey buns)18964
select4.000mcgTACO BELL, BURRITO SUPREME with beef21265
select4.000mcgSeal, bearded (Oogruk), meat, dried, in oil (Alaska Native)35164