Food Densities (weight / volume relationships of selected food items)

Measurements are based on either weight, or volume (capacity). A cup (volume measurement) of honey, for example, is pretty heavy. It weighs 339 grams (roughly 12 ounces). In contrast, a cup of popcorn weighs much less (8 grams, or roughly 3/10 ounce).

There is no specific conversion between weight and volume, because it depends on the density of the food item. However, the density of water is often used as a standard to derive the weight of a volume specification.
One cup of water (at 4 °C) weighs 236.588 grams (roughly 8 ounces).

To find the density of an item, enter either part of the food description (e.g. Cornstarch), or its USDA fdc_id (e.g. 169698):

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