KRAFT CHEEZ WHIZ LIGHT Pasteurized Process Cheese Product 173446
Nutrientamount RDI%ranking
Ash6.4G  154
Calcium, Ca418MG130032.2%226
Carbohydrate, by difference16.2G  2750
Cholesterol35MG  2966
Energy215KCAL  3213
Energy900kJ  3222
Fatty acids, total saturated6.4G  1202
Fiber, total dietary0.2G  3521
Iron, Fe0.16MG180.9%6753
Phosphorus, P943MG125075.4%44
Potassium, K297MG34008.7%2621
Protein16.3G  2681
Sodium, Na1705MG1500113.7%98
Sugars, total including NLEA8.2G  1358
Total lipid (fat)9.5G  2648
Vitamin A, IU628IU  953
Vitamin C0.4MG900.4%2938
Water51.5G  5150
Zinc, Zn2.36MG1121.5%2259

note: All nutrient measurements shown are per 100 grams (about 3 1/2 ounces) of the selected food item.

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