Best sources of Water
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The following quantities (column two below) indicate how much Water is found in 100 grams (about 3 1/2 ounces) of the following food items:
    fdc idcategory
select100GBeverages, water, bottled, non-carbonated, CALISTOGA175106Beverages
select100GBeverages, water, bottled, non-carbonated, CRYSTAL GEYSER175107Beverages
select100GBeverages, water, bottled, POLAND SPRING173234Beverages
select100GWater, bottled, non-carbonated, NAYA173657Beverages
select99.98GBeverages, water, bottled, non-carbonated, DANNON173655Beverages
select99.98GWater, bottled, generic174158Beverages
select99.97GBeverages, water, bottled, non-carbonated, PEPSI, AQUAFINA173656Beverages
select99.97GBeverages, DANNON, water, bottled, non-carbonated, with Fluoride173658Beverages
select99.97GBeverages, water, bottled, non-carbonated, EVIAN171922Beverages
select99.96GBeverages, The COCA-COLA company, DASANI, water, bottled, non-carbonated175104Beverages
select99.95GBeverages, GEROLSTEINER BRUNNEN GmbH & Co. KG,Gerolsteiner naturally sparkling mineral water,174827Beverages
select99.95GBeverages, GEROLSTEINER BRUNNEN GmbH & Co. KG (Gerolsteiner), naturally sparkling, mineral bottled water173183Beverages
select99.93GBeverages, tea, green, brewed, regular171917Beverages
select99.93GBeverages, tea, green, brewed, decaffeinated171910Beverages
select99.9GBeverages, water, bottled, PERRIER173233Beverages
select99.9GBeverages, carbonated, club soda174842Beverages
select99.9GBeverages, water, tap, municipal175103Beverages
select99.9GBeverages, water, tap, well175096Beverages
select99.9GBeverages, water, tap, drinking173647Beverages
select99.9GBabyfood, water, bottled, GERBER, without added fluoride172253Baby Foods
select99.89GBeverages, Powerade Zero Ion4, calorie-free, assorted flavors171923Beverages
select99.88GBeverages, tea, green, ready to drink, unsweetened171911Beverages
select99.85GWater, non-carbonated, bottles, natural fruit flavors, sweetened with low calorie sweetener171926Beverages
select99.84GBeverages, tea, Oolong, brewed174120Beverages
select99.8GBeverages, carbonated, low calorie, cola or pepper-types, with sodium saccharin, contains caffeine171876Beverages
select99.8GBeverages, carbonated, low calorie, other than cola or pepper, without caffeine173204Beverages
select99.8GBeverages, carbonated, low calorie, other than cola or pepper, with aspartame, contains caffeine173207Beverages
select99.8GBeverages, SNAPPLE, tea, black and green, ready to drink, peach, diet173215Beverages
select99.8GBeverages, SNAPPLE, tea, black and green, ready to drink, lemon, diet173218Beverages
select99.8GCarbonated beverage, low calorie, other than cola or pepper, with sodium saccharin, without caffeine175113Beverages
select99.79GBeverages, WENDY'S, tea, ready-to-drink, unsweetened171924Beverages
select99.74GBeverages, carbonated, low calorie, cola or pepper-type, with aspartame, without caffeine174850Beverages
select99.72GBeverages, tea, black, ready-to-drink, lemon, diet171892Beverages
select99.7GBeverages, tea, black, brewed, prepared with tap water173227Beverages
select99.7GBeverages, tea, herb, other than chamomile, brewed173232Beverages
select99.7GBeverages, tea, black, brewed, prepared with tap water, decaffeinated174871Beverages
select99.7GBeverages, tea, black, brewed, prepared with distilled water174155Beverages
select99.7GBeverages, tea, herb, brewed, chamomile174156Beverages
select99.7GTea, tundra, herb and laborador combination (Alaska Native)167620American Indian/Alaska Native Foods
select99.68GBeverages, tea, black, ready-to-drink, peach, diet174855Beverages
select99.64GTea, herbal, brewed, Hohoysi (Hopi)169828American Indian/Alaska Native Foods
select99.62GBeverages, tea, green, ready-to-drink, citrus, diet, fortified with vitamin C174121Beverages
select99.62GBeverages, tea, instant, unsweetened, prepared with water174873Beverages
select99.58GBeverages, tea, hibiscus, brewed171946Beverages
select99.55GBeverages, tea, ready-to-drink, lemon, diet174129Beverages
select99.54GBeverages, carbonated, low calorie, cola or pepper-type, with aspartame, contains caffeine175099Beverages
select99.47GBeverages, coffee, brewed, breakfast blend171881Beverages
select99.41GBeverages, tea, instant, lemon, diet173231Beverages
select99.41GTea, iced, instant, black, pre-sweetened with low calorie sweetner789468 Uncategorized
select99.39GBeverages, coffee, brewed, prepared with tap water171890Beverages
select99.35GBeverages, POWERADE, Zero, Mixed Berry174113Beverages
select99.3GBeverages, coffee, brewed, prepared with tap water, decaffeinated171889Beverages
select99.2GBeverages, OCEAN SPRAY, Diet Cranberry Juice171896Beverages
select99.17GBeverages, The COCA-COLA company, Glaceau Vitamin Water, Revive Fruit Punch, fortified173188Beverages
select99.14GBeverages, tea, black, ready to drink, decaffeinated, diet173211Beverages
select99.11GBeverages, Energy Drink, sugar free174822Beverages
select99.1GBeverages, OCEAN SPRAY, Diet Cran Cherry171901Beverages
select99.09GBeverages, coffee, instant, regular, prepared with water174130Beverages
select98.94GBeverages, coffee, instant, chicory174134Beverages
select98.93GBeverages, coffee, instant, decaffeinated, prepared with water171894Beverages
select98.87GBeverages, ZEVIA, cola, caffeine free174826Beverages
select98.8GBeverages, V8 SPLASH Juice Drinks, Diet Tropical Blend171927Beverages
select98.8GBeverages, V8 SPLASH Juice Drinks, Diet Fruit Medley174163Beverages
select98.8GBeverages, V8 SPLASH Juice Drinks, Diet Strawberry Kiwi174164Beverages
select98.78GBeverages, Vegetable and fruit juice drink, reduced calorie, with low-calorie sweetener, added vitamin C174173Beverages
select98.78GBeverages, Propel Zero, fruit-flavored, non-carbonated175109Beverages
select98.75GBeverages, water, bottled, yumberry, pomegranate with anti-oxidants, zero calories173166Beverages
select98.71GBeverages, tea, green, ready-to-drink, diet171885Beverages
select98.7GBeverages, V8 SPLASH Juice Drinks, Diet Berry Blend174162Beverages
select98.69GSoup, beef broth or bouillon, powder, prepared with water172922Soups, Sauces, and Gravies
select98.69GSoup, beef broth, cubed, prepared with water172923Soups, Sauces, and Gravies
select98.37GBeverages, coffee substitute, cereal grain beverage, prepared with water174139Beverages
select98.36GBeverages, ZEVIA, cola174825Beverages
select98.35GBeverages, THE COCA-COLA COMPANY, NOS Zero, energy drink, sugar-free with guarana, fortified with vitamins B6 and B12174809Beverages
select98.35GBeverages, Energy drink, AMP, sugar free171936Beverages
select98.35GBeverages, Energy drink, ROCKSTAR, sugar free171938Beverages
select98.35GBeverages, Energy drink, RED BULL, sugar free, with added caffeine, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamins B6 and B12171870Beverages
select98.35GBeverages, MONSTER energy drink, low carb173162Beverages
select98.35GBeverages, Energy drink, VAULT Zero, sugar-free, citrus flavor174177Beverages
select98.28GSoup, chicken broth or bouillon, dry, prepared with water172924Soups, Sauces, and Gravies
select98.2GBeverages, Wine, non-alcoholic174157Beverages
select98.05GSoup, vegetable broth, ready to serve171583Soups, Sauces, and Gravies
select98.01GSoup, beef broth, less/reduced sodium, ready to serve172889Soups, Sauces, and Gravies
select98GSoup, SWANSON, beef broth, lower sodium171179Soups, Sauces, and Gravies
select97.94GBeverages, PEPSICO QUAKER, Gatorade G2, low calorie174178Beverages
select97.92GSoup, SWANSON, vegetable broth171180Soups, Sauces, and Gravies
select97.92GButterbur, canned170387Vegetables and Vegetable Products
select97.89GBeverages, tea, black, ready to drink174144Beverages
select97.81GSoup, chicken broth, ready-to-serve174536Soups, Sauces, and Gravies
select97.8GBeverages, coffee, brewed, espresso, restaurant-prepared171891Beverages
select97.8GBeverages, coffee, brewed, espresso, restaurant-prepared, decaffeinated174125Beverages
select97.79GGelatin dessert, dietetic, sweetened with low calorie sweetener789180 Uncategorized
select97.7GMollusks, clam, mixed species, canned, liquid171977Finfish and Shellfish Products
select97.55GSoup, beef broth or bouillon canned, ready-to-serve171538Soups, Sauces, and Gravies
select97.49GBeverages, Tropical Punch, ready-to-drink171915Beverages
select97.43GSoup, chicken broth cubes, dry, prepared with water174566Soups, Sauces, and Gravies
select97.32GSoup, chicken broth, less/reduced sodium, ready to serve172888Soups, Sauces, and Gravies
select96.9GPectin, liquid167682Sweets
select96.73GCucumber, peeled, raw169225Vegetables and Vegetable Products
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