Best sources of Tocopherol, delta
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The following quantities (column two below) indicate how much Tocopherol, delta is found in 100 grams (about 3 1/2 ounces) of the following food items:
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select30.88MGOil, cooking and salad, ENOVA, 80% diglycerides171433Fats and Oils
select22MGOil, soybean748366Fats and Oils
select21.3MGOil, soybean, salad or cooking171411Fats and Oils
select15.36MGShortening industrial, soybean (hydrogenated) and cottonseed173569Fats and Oils
select15.36MGShortening, special purpose for cakes and frostings, soybean (hydrogenated)173574Fats and Oils
select15.36MGShortening, special purpose for baking, soybean (hydrogenated) palm and cottonseed173575Fats and Oils
select15.36MGShortening, vegetable, household, composite173584Fats and Oils
select15.36MGMargarine-like shortening, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated), cottonseed, and soy, principal use flaky pastries173599Fats and Oils
select15.36MGShortening, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated ) and corn for frying173606Fats and Oils
select15.36MGShortening, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated ) for baking and confections173607Fats and Oils
select15.36MGShortening, household, soybean (partially hydrogenated)-cottonseed (partially hydrogenated)171011Fats and Oils
select15.36MGShortening cake mix, soybean (hydrogenated) and cottonseed (hydrogenated)172330Fats and Oils
select15.36MGShortening frying (heavy duty), soybean (hydrogenated), linoleic (less than 1%)172333Fats and Oils
select15.28MGMargarine, 80% fat, stick, includes regular and hydrogenated corn and soybean oils173587Fats and Oils
select14.45MGMargarine-like, margarine-butter blend, soybean oil and butter172339Fats and Oils
select10.92MGMargarine, margarine-type vegetable oil spread, 70% fat, soybean and partially hydrogenated soybean, stick173588Fats and Oils
select10.23MGSauce, pesto, CLASSICO, basil pesto, ready-to-serve171582Soups, Sauces, and Gravies
select10.16MGSalad dressing, mayonnaise, regular171009Fats and Oils
select9.33MGMargarine, margarine-like vegetable oil spread, 67-70% fat, tub171431Fats and Oils
select8.8MGSalad dressing, ranch dressing, regular173592Fats and Oils
select7.9MGSalad dressing, honey mustard, regular171043Fats and Oils
select7.26MGSnacks, popcorn, microwave, regular (butter) flavor, made with partially hydrogenated oil174785Snacks
select6.92MGMargarine-like, vegetable oil spread, 60% fat, tub, with salt, with added vitamin D171038Fats and Oils
select6.92MGMargarine-like, vegetable oil spread, 60% fat, tub, with salt173582Fats and Oils
select6.65MGMargarine, regular, 80% fat, composite, tub, with salt, with added vitamin D171436Fats and Oils
select6.65MGMargarine, regular, 80% fat, composite, tub, with salt172347Fats and Oils
select5.99MGSnacks, popcorn, oil-popped, microwave, regular flavor, no trans fat167549Snacks
select5.93MGBabyfood, finger snacks, GERBER, GRADUATES, PUFFS, apple and cinnamon172252Baby Foods
select5.66MGSeeds, sunflower seed butter, without salt170155Nut and Seed Products
select5.66MGSeeds, sunflower seed butter, with salt added (Includes foods for USDA's Food Distribution Program)168595Nut and Seed Products
select5.2MGCrackers, standard snack-type, regular174982Baked Products
select5.19MGSauce, pesto, ready-to-serve, shelf stable171580Soups, Sauces, and Gravies
select4.84MGSalad dressing, mayonnaise, light173594Fats and Oils
select4.74MGSalad dressing, mayonnaise type, regular, with salt171403Fats and Oils
select4.59MGT.G.I. FRIDAY'S, chicken fingers, from kids' menu169013Restaurant Foods
select4.22MGT.G.I. FRIDAY'S, chicken fingers169019Restaurant Foods
select4.12MGNabisco, Nabisco Ritz Crackers173258Baked Products
select3.93MGAPPLEBEE'S, crunchy onion rings169840Restaurant Foods
select3.92MGSalad dressing, italian dressing, commercial, regular171019Fats and Oils
select3.88MGMargarine-like spread, SMART BALANCE Omega Plus Spread (with plant sterols & fish oil)173610Fats and Oils
select3.79MGBread, pound cake type, pan de torta salvadoran167527Baked Products
select3.57MGEdamame, frozen, prepared168411Vegetables and Vegetable Products
select3.55MGCream substitute, powdered171263Dairy and Egg Products
select3.55MGDENNY'S, coleslaw169023Restaurant Foods
select3.52MGAPPLEBEE'S, chicken tenders platter169841Restaurant Foods
select3.5MGFast foods, french toast sticks172035Fast Foods
select3.5MGBURGER KING, french toast sticks172077Fast Foods
select3.49MGPie Crust, Cookie-type, Chocolate, Ready Crust167521Baked Products
select3.49MGBread, salvadoran sweet cheese (quesadilla salvadorena)167526Baked Products
select3.47MGMuffins, blueberry, commercially prepared (Includes mini-muffins)172765Baked Products
select3.44MGCookies, shortbread, reduced fat174087Baked Products
select3.44MGCrackers, cheese, regular174975Baked Products
select3.44MGCookies, shortbread, commercially prepared, plain174967Baked Products
select3.39MGRestaurant, family style, onion rings169027Restaurant Foods
select3.35MGAPPLEBEE'S, Double Crunch Shrimp169008Restaurant Foods
select3.29MGCrackers, wheat, regular174985Baked Products
select3.28MGCRACKER BARREL, country fried shrimp platter168074Restaurant Foods
select3.27MGCookies, chocolate sandwich, with extra creme filling172720Baked Products
select3.23MGDENNY'S, onion rings169844Restaurant Foods
select3.18MGCandies, TOOTSIE ROLL, chocolate-flavor roll167971Sweets
select3.16MGOatmeal cookies with raisins, packaged - NFY1217UR332906Baked Products
select3.15MGMargarine-like, vegetable oil spread, approximately 37% fat, unspecified oils, with salt, with added vitamin D171434Fats and Oils
select3.12MGRestaurant, family style, shrimp, breaded and fried169838Restaurant Foods
select3.12MGRestaurant, family style, chicken tenders169847Restaurant Foods
select3.06MGT.G.I. FRIDAY'S, FRIDAY'S Shrimp, breaded169832Restaurant Foods
select3.04MGT.G.I. FRIDAY'S, french fries169833Restaurant Foods
select3.04MGEdamame, frozen, unprepared168410Vegetables and Vegetable Products
select3.02MGKFC, Popcorn Chicken170737Fast Foods
select3.02MGCRACKER BARREL, onion rings, thick-cut169021Restaurant Foods
select3.01MGFast foods, miniature cinnamon rolls172079Fast Foods
select3MGOatmeal cookies with raisins, packaged - NFY1217U2332962Baked Products
select2.99MGTocopherols, Onion rings, frozen, ALEXIA (CO,CT) - NFY12067B324232Vegetables and Vegetable Products
select2.89MGCookies, chocolate chip, commercially prepared, regular, higher fat, enriched172716Baked Products
select2.8MGTocopherols, Onion rings, frozen, ALEXIA (AL,OK) - NFY12066G324302Vegetables and Vegetable Products
select2.78MGOil, corn748323Fats and Oils
select2.78MGPie crust, deep dish, frozen, baked, made with enriched flour167931Baked Products
select2.78MGDENNY'S, golden fried shrimp168077Restaurant Foods
select2.75MGRestaurant, Chinese, general tso's chicken167675Restaurant Foods
select2.74MGBabyfood, GERBER, GRADUATES Lil Biscuits Vanilla Wheat171371Baby Foods
select2.74MGRestaurant, family style, chicken fingers, from kid's menu169837Restaurant Foods
select2.72MGCrackers, standard snack-type, with whole wheat171846Baked Products
select2.67MGTocopherols, Onion rings, frozen, ALEXIA (FL,MO) - NFY120685324182Vegetables and Vegetable Products
select2.65MGRestaurant, Chinese, sesame chicken168087Restaurant Foods
select2.64MGCrackers, cheese, sandwich-type with cheese filling167925Baked Products
select2.63MGGarlic bread, frozen167939Baked Products
select2.61MGSoy flour, low-fat172444Legumes and Legume Products
select2.58MGMargarine-like spread, BENECOL Light Spread171035Fats and Oils
select2.54MGPie crust, deep dish, frozen, unbaked, made with enriched flour167523Baked Products
select2.51MGCRACKER BARREL, chicken tenderloin platter, fried, from kid's menu168073Restaurant Foods
select2.48MGDENNY'S, chicken nuggets, star shaped, from kid's menu168079Restaurant Foods
select2.48MGRestaurant, family style, french fries169836Restaurant Foods
select2.47MGCRACKER BARREL, chicken tenderloin platter, fried169842Restaurant Foods
select2.47MGHummus - NFY121416319937Legumes and Legume Products
select2.43MGPastry, Pastelitos de Guava (guava pastries)167528Baked Products
select2.4MGRaspberries, wild (Northern Plains Indians)168997American Indian/Alaska Native Foods
select2.4MGCookies, oatmeal, soft, with raisins333008Baked Products
select2.39MGRestaurant, Chinese, sweet and sour chicken168081Restaurant Foods
select2.38MGHummus - NFY12140G319919Legumes and Legume Products
select2.38MGRestaurant, family style, coleslaw169026Restaurant Foods
select2.38MGWENDY'S, french fries170726Fast Foods
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