Best sources of Tocopherol, beta
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The following quantities (column two below) indicate how much Tocopherol, beta is found in 100 grams (about 3 1/2 ounces) of the following food items:
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select10.46MGSnacks, potato chips, lightly salted174805Snacks
select8.3MGSpices, poppy seed171330Spices and Herbs
select6.49MGWocas, dried seeds, Oregon, yellow pond lily (Klamath)169826American Indian/Alaska Native Foods
select6.31MGTocopherols, Onion rings, frozen, ALEXIA (FL,MO) - NFY120685324182Vegetables and Vegetable Products
select2.76MGFast foods, cheeseburger; single, large patty; with condiments172082Fast Foods
select2.42MGEgg rolls, pork, refrigerated, heated172103Meals, Entrees, and Side Dishes
select2.19MGSnacks, potato chips, made from dried potatoes (preformed), multigrain174804Snacks
select2.01MGSalami, dry or hard, pork, beef174582Sausages and Luncheon Meats
select1.95MGFast foods, hamburger; single, large patty; with condiments, vegetables and mayonnaise173317Fast Foods
select1.95MGBURGER KING, WHOPPER, no cheese170727Fast Foods
select1.8MGOil, soybean748366Fats and Oils
select1.69MGOil, sunflower, linoleic, (partially hydrogenated)172328Fats and Oils
select1.41MGSeeds, sunflower seed kernels, oil roasted, without salt170564Nut and Seed Products
select1.41MGSeeds, sunflower seed kernels, oil roasted, with salt added168593Nut and Seed Products
select1.34MGSeeds, sunflower seed butter, with salt added (Includes foods for USDA's Food Distribution Program)168595Nut and Seed Products
select1.34MGSeeds, sunflower seed butter, without salt170155Nut and Seed Products
select1.33MGEggs, yolk748234Dairy and Egg Products
select1.23MGSnacks, potato chips, barbecue-flavor167962Snacks
select1.19MGSeeds, sunflower seed kernels from shell, dry roasted, with salt added169417Nut and Seed Products
select1.19MGSeeds, sunflower seed kernels, dry roasted, without salt170563Nut and Seed Products
select1.18MGSeeds, sunflower seed kernels, dried170562Nut and Seed Products
select1.17MGOil, cooking and salad, ENOVA, 80% diglycerides171433Fats and Oils
select1.17MGPork, cured, bacon, pre-sliced, cooked, pan-fried168322Pork Products
select1.17MGSunflower seeds, dry roasted, salted - NFY1213H9325522Nut and Seed Products
select1.12MGFast foods, hamburger, large, single patty, with condiments170710Fast Foods
select1.1MGOil, corn748323Fats and Oils
select1.09MGSunflower seeds, dry roasted, salted - NFY1213GJ325477Nut and Seed Products
select1.02MGEggs, Grade A, Large, egg yolk748236Dairy and Egg Products
select1.01MGPork, cured, bacon, unprepared168277Pork Products
select.99MGSeeds, sunflower seed kernels, dry roasted, with salt added325524Nut and Seed Products
select.98MGOnion rings, breaded, par fried, frozen, prepared, heated in oven324317Vegetables and Vegetable Products
select.96MGAmaranth grain, uncooked170682Cereal Grains and Pasta
select.9MGOil, soybean, salad or cooking171411Fats and Oils
select.86MGRestaurant, Latino, arepa (unleavened cornmeal bread)168070Restaurant Foods
select.83MGFast Foods, cheeseburger; double, large patty; with condiments, vegetables and mayonnaise172083Fast Foods
select.83MGBURGER KING, DOUBLE WHOPPER, with cheese170730Fast Foods
select.8MGRaspberries, puree, seedless167808Fruits and Fruit Juices
select.77MGBread, pound cake type, pan de torta salvadoran167527Baked Products
select.74MGSalad dressing, mayonnaise, regular171009Fats and Oils
select.72MGSalad dressing, mayonnaise type, regular, with salt171403Fats and Oils
select.72MGSunflower seeds, dry roasted, salted - NFY1213FT325501Nut and Seed Products
select.7MGTocopherols, Oil, coconut, LOU ANA (CO,CT) - NFY120PD3330445Fats and Oils
select.68MGPork, cured, bacon, cooked, microwaved168321Pork Products
select.62MGFast foods, hamburger; single, regular patty; with condiments170694Fast Foods
select.6MGOil, coconut330458Fats and Oils
select.57MGOil, flaxseed, contains added sliced flaxseed171442Fats and Oils
select.56MGTocopherols, Peanut butter, creamy, SKIPPY (CO,CT) - NFY120C7D324671Legumes and Legume Products
select.56MGTocopherols, Oil, coconut, LOU ANA (FL,MO) - NFY120PDY330437Fats and Oils
select.55MGTocopherols, Peanut butter, creamy, SKIPPY (FL,MO) - NFY120C84324696Legumes and Legume Products
select.55MGTocopherols, Peanut butter, creamy, JIF (AL,CA1) - NFY120C8X324735Legumes and Legume Products
select.55MGOil, flaxseed, cold pressed167702Fats and Oils
select.54MGEgg rolls, chicken, refrigerated, heated172104Meals, Entrees, and Side Dishes
select.54MGBURGER KING, Hash Brown Rounds172078Fast Foods
select.54MGTocopherols, Oil, coconut, BETTER BODY ORGANIC (CA2) - NFY120PDD330454Fats and Oils
select.53MGNuts, almond butter, plain, with salt added168603Nut and Seed Products
select.53MGNuts, almond butter, plain, without salt added168588Nut and Seed Products
select.52MGPeanut butter, smooth style, with salt (Includes foods for USDA's Food Distribution Program)324860Legumes and Legume Products
select.52MGPeanut butter, smooth style, without salt172470Legumes and Legume Products
select.51MGTocopherols, Peanut butter, creamy, store brand/other brand, KROGER (IN,MI) - NFY120CC2324825Legumes and Legume Products
select.49MGTocopherols, Peanut butter, creamy, JIF (MI,OK) - NFY120CAG324784Legumes and Legume Products
select.47MGTocopherols, Peanut butter, creamy, store brand/other brand, GREAT VALUE (AL,OK) - NFY120CB9324808Legumes and Legume Products
select.46MGOil, peanut, salad or cooking171410Fats and Oils
select.46MGCrackers, wheat, regular174985Baked Products
select.44MGShortening, special purpose for cakes and frostings, soybean (hydrogenated)173574Fats and Oils
select.44MGShortening, special purpose for baking, soybean (hydrogenated) palm and cottonseed173575Fats and Oils
select.44MGShortening, vegetable, household, composite173584Fats and Oils
select.44MGMargarine-like shortening, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated), cottonseed, and soy, principal use flaky pastries173599Fats and Oils
select.44MGShortening, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated ) for baking and confections173607Fats and Oils
select.44MGShortening, household, soybean (partially hydrogenated)-cottonseed (partially hydrogenated)171011Fats and Oils
select.44MGShortening cake mix, soybean (hydrogenated) and cottonseed (hydrogenated)172330Fats and Oils
select.44MGShortening frying (heavy duty), soybean (hydrogenated), linoleic (less than 1%)172333Fats and Oils
select.43MGCrackers, standard snack-type, regular174982Baked Products
select.42MGSnacks, popcorn, microwave, regular (butter) flavor, made with partially hydrogenated oil174785Snacks
select.42MGCrackers, standard snack-type, with whole wheat171846Baked Products
select.42MGNuts, almonds, oil roasted, without salt added170159Nut and Seed Products
select.42MGNuts, almonds, oil roasted, lightly salted168602Nut and Seed Products
select.42MGNuts, almonds, oil roasted, with salt added169419Nut and Seed Products
select.41MGBabyfood, finger snacks, GERBER, GRADUATES, PUFFS, apple and cinnamon172252Baby Foods
select.4MGMargarine-like, margarine-butter blend, soybean oil and butter172339Fats and Oils
select.4MGBabyfood, GERBER, GRADUATES Lil Biscuits Vanilla Wheat171371Baby Foods
select.4MGCrackers, cheese, regular174975Baked Products
select.4MGCookies, sugar, commercially prepared, regular (includes vanilla)174971Baked Products
select.39MGCookies, vanilla wafers, higher fat174974Baked Products
select.39MGNuts, pecans170182Nut and Seed Products
select.38MGAmaranth grain, cooked170683Cereal Grains and Pasta
select.37MGCrackers, cream, Gamesa Sabrosas167530Baked Products
select.37MGSalad dressing, ranch dressing, regular173592Fats and Oils
select.36MGMargarine, 80% fat, stick, includes regular and hydrogenated corn and soybean oils173587Fats and Oils
select.36MGPeanuts, all types, dry-roasted, without salt173806Legumes and Legume Products
select.36MGMargarine, regular, 80% fat, composite, stick, with salt, with added vitamin D171435Fats and Oils
select.36MGPeanuts, all types, dry-roasted, with salt174262Legumes and Legume Products
select.36MGHummus - NFY121416319937Legumes and Legume Products
select.36MGTocopherols, Whole wheat bread, NATURES OWN (AL,OK) - NFY1204OF335188Baked Products
select.35MGHummus - NFY1213ZP319956Legumes and Legume Products
select.35MGHummus - NFY12140G319919Legumes and Legume Products
select.35MGSpices, paprika171329Spices and Herbs
select.35MGNuts, pecans, oil roasted, without salt added170589Nut and Seed Products
select.35MGNuts, hazelnuts or filberts, blanched170582Nut and Seed Products
select.35MGNuts, almonds, blanched170568Nut and Seed Products
select.35MGSnacks, corn-based, extruded, chips, plain167537Snacks
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